Health: Immunity Boosting Foods Which Will Also Improve Your Skin And Hair.


Health: March 2020 se har Indian ke google search list mein kuch aur mile na mile but foods to increase health and immunity toh zarur milegi! Hum sabhi ne who kadve kadhe aur immunity boosters ke swaad chakhe hai but aisi bhi kai saare foods hai jo humari health and immunity ko better karne mein help karta hai.

Yeh saare foods humare gharo mein easily available hai but hum unhe often ignore karte hai. So ab next time aap inn foods ko avoid karein bhulyega nahi ki yeh foods aapke health and immunity ke saath aapke skin aur hair ko bhi better banane mein help karte hai!

4 Foods To Eat to Increase Your Health and Immunity And Also Help to Improve Your Skin And Hair:

1) Lemons.


Lemons often hume bachpan mein garmiyon mein school se aane par pilaya jata tha thaaki humare energy levels up ho sake. But lemons humari energy boost karne ke alava bhi bohot saari cheeze karte hai. First thing in the morning luke warm water mein lemon squeeze karke pine se body ka metabolism rate high ho jata hai which supports in weight loss. Aisa nahi hai ki khali lemin water peene se aapka weight reduce hojayega calorie defecit bhi zaruri hai. But drinking this first thing in morning has also a lot of skin benefits. It flushes out the toxins and also helps to keep your hydration levels in check!

2) Spinach.


Popeye the sailor man ka favorite food spinach jisse khane se turant hi popeye ke muscles bahar nikal aate the! Cartoon ke zariye bachon ko yeh message diya jata tha ki they should eat their green vegetables. Aap jaan kar shock ho jaoge ki for every 100 grams of spinach you consume aap 91 grams of water consume karte ho! Apart from that spinach has a lot of health benefiting nutrients like pottasium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous which help our body to regulate the temperature and also promote skin and hair health.

3) Almonds.


Bachpan mein bacho ko subha uthte hi 4-5 almonds jo poore raat paani mein bhigoke rakhe the who diya jata hai. Uske piche bhi aek boot bada health benefit hai. Yeh almonds bhale hi dikhne mein bohot chote ho but they contain a great source of protein, healthy fats and vitamins which ensure your hair remains strong.

4) Papaya.


Beauty influencers ke papaya face masks toh aapne try kiye ya na kiya ho but this fruit has more to offer than just face masks! This fruit has a great source of potassium, magnesium and vitamin C which are very important for your health and skin!

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