Mexican Food: Finger-licking Deliciosa Provecho!!!

Mexico, popular holiday destination hai. It attracts both sun seekers and food lovers. Mexican food different countries se influence hua hai ranging from Aztecs and Mayas to modern Europe.

Kya Mexican Cuisine Ko Inta Special Banata Hai?

Mexican food includes simple native ingredients such as peanuts, vanilla, beans and chillies. Also, Europeans ne apne ingredients such as meat, beef, pork ko Mexican cooking me add kar diya. Inn simple and exotic ingredients se Mexican cuisine ko ek unique flavour mila hai.

Mexican food, overly spicy hota hai because of flashy use of chillies. Mexicans, chillies ki different variety use karte hai such as Serrano, Ancho and Jalapeno.

Apart from chillies and meat, yaha ke log apni cooking me a variety of sauces use karte hain. Ye rich sauces inki cooking ko exotic flavours dete hain. Also, Mexicans herbs use karte hain jo inki cooking ko freshness deta hai.

Mexican cuisine also flaunts a variety of desserts such as Flan, Empanada and Dulce. The freshness of herbs and rustic flavour of spices add depth to the taste.

La Comida Mexicana Deliciosa!!!

It means Mexican food bahut delicious hota hai. It is too difficult to choose among the food items. Each and every food item looks tempting. Chahe wo yaha ka savory item ho ya dessert sabhi equally tasty lagta hai.

If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip, make sure aap iss country ke saare flavours ko taste kare. Don’t miss any of them.

Here’s a list of food items jo aap try kar sakte hain:


Chilaquiles Mexico ka traditional dish hai. Ye traditional dish log usually breakfast me prefer karte hai. This dish features lightly fried corn tortillas, topped with green or red salsa. Iss dish ko apne taste ke according spicy banaya jaa sakta hai.

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Further isme scrambled or fried eggs with chicken daala jata hai. Also iss dish ko creamy texture dene ke liye isme cheese and cream add karte hai.
Chilaquiles ko frijoles (refried beans) ke saath serve kiya jata hai. This creamy dish is healthy as well as tasty.


Pozole Mexican style soup hai. According to anthropologists, ye pre-Hispanic soup kisi time me ritual sacrifices ke liye use hota tha. Ye soup vegetarian as well as non-vegetarians dono kha sakte hai.

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Pozole ko hominy corn with plenty of herbs and spices ke saath banaya jata hai. Importantly, the dish is traditionally stewed for hours, often overnight. Once it is ready to serve, isse lettuce, radish, onion and lime se garnish karte hai. Ye historic dish bahut appetizing hai, full of flavours.

Tacos Al Pastor

Tacos al pator, popular variety of tacos hai. Inn tacos ka origin 1920s ke around hua tha by Lebanese and Syrian immigrants.

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Tacos al pastor banane ke liye corn tortilla me thin strip of pork ki stuffing ki jaati hai. Also inko onions, coriander leaves and fresh pineapple se garnish karte hai. These ingredients provide freshness and crunchiness to this wonderful dish.

Inn fresh and crunchy tacos ko koi bhi miss nahi karna chahega. Not only ye eyes ke liye treat hote hai but also for the taste buds.


Aap stale tortillas ke saath kya karege? Of course inhe fry karege!!! Tostada ka matlab toasted hota hai.

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Ye bahut hi simple and yummy dish hai. Isme corn tortillas ko fry kiya jata hai until they become crunchy and golden. Then these are served alone or piled high with many garnishes.

Popular toppings include many items such as frijoles (refried beans), cheese and ceviche. This flavourful dish will take you somewhere in heaven.


If you love desserts then this is the best thing to have. Flan buttery custard hota hai with a layer of caramel on top.

Ye variant custard hai jisme sugar syrup ko caramel stage tak cook karte hain. Iss creamy caramel ko mould me add kiya jata hai before adding custard base. Flan variety of flavours me available hota hai such as vanilla, cinnamon or lemon.

Also iska texture gelatinous and creamy hota hai. Ye dessert itna creamy hota hai ki mouth me jaate hi melt ho jata hai.


These are folded pieces of dough. Inki stuffing various gradients se ki jaati hai such as cream, pumpkin and fruits. Then inn stuffed dough ko either bake karte hai or fry karte hai until they become crisp.

Inn crispy, folded, stuffed dough ki har bite flavours se enriched hoti hai. This dish will give you an experience like no other.

Mexico has a lot to offer. Yaha ka savory and sweet dono overwhelming hota hai. If you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful country, inn food items ko zarur try kariyega. Hence book your tickets now!!!

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