Ayurvedic Categorization Of Different Food And Its Effect

Ayurvedic categorization ke according food to three types me classify kiya gaya hai. That is, Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic food. And each type ke food ka effect physical and mental well-being par hota hai. Moreover Ayurveda ke according, nature 3 primary quality par depend karta hai jo cosmic intelligence and spiritual growth par depend karta hai.

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Ayurvedic Qualities

Following three qualities hai jo body and mind ko regulate karte hai-

  1. Sattva – Intelligence, Stability, Balance, Peace, Ethics and Love, etc jaisi qualities hoti hai.
  2. Rajas – Change, Activity, Turbulence, etc se distress and conflict create hota hai. Even so ethics me fluctuation, egoistic, proud, aggressive, competitive, etc too qualities aati hai.
  3. Tamas – Inme darkness and dullness jaisi qualities hoti hai. Moreover, dull, impure, inactive, unethical behavior, unkind nature, etc qualities logo me aati hai.

Sattvic Diet Me Included Food Items

First of all sattvic diet se mental health and energy improve hota hai. Moreover, healthy and spiritual life ke liye sattvic diet ka important role hai. Even so body ko nourish karke calm and quite rahne me help karta hai. Grains such as rice, wheat, and oats, legumes, moong dal, Fresh green vegetables and fruits nuts etc sattvic diet me aate hai. Furthermore, ayurvedic categorization me Sattvic diet ko regular lene ke benefits bataya gaya hai. High quality tissues built karne me help milti hai. Additionally, buttermilk, curd, butter, ghee, unpasteurized milk, Coconut oil, olive oil, Honey, jaggery, raw sugar, etc sattvic diet me aate hai.

Rajasic Diet Me Included Food Items

Rajasic diet human body me pitta and vatta increase karte hai. And even so Rajasic diet lene se restlessness, anger, and irritability increase hota hai. Meat and fish, excessively spicy, salty, sour foods, Wines, alcoholic drinks, soda, coffee, etc food items Rajasic diet me aate hai. Moreover, Chilies, garlic, onions, pickles, vinegar, Sour milk, cream, Fried food, roasted and salted food, mustard, etc bhi Rajasic diet me included hai.

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Tamasic Diet me Included Food Items

Above all, Ayurvedic categorization me Tamasic food ko sabse unhealthy diet mana jata hai. Because Tamasic diet impurity, darkness, poor hygiene, etc ka symbol mana jata hai. Moreover, Meat and fish, white flour, food with preservatives, Jams, jellies, flavored and preserved foods, etc Tamasic diet me aate hai. Even so, Hard liquor like whisky and rum, French fries, chips, foods preserved with salt, pasteurized milk, cheese, etc inme included hai.

Diet Ka Spiritual Significance

First of all, Sattvic diet ko spiritually sabse best mana gaya hai. Because Stability, Balance, Peace, Ethics, etc ka symbol hai. Moreover, Rajasic as well as Tamasic diet ko worship ke time avoid karne ke liye bola jata hai. Reason behind this ki Tamasic and Rajasic diet se worship me rukawat ya obstacle aata hai. Even so Rajasic and Tamasic diet jealousy, greed, anger, restlessness, etc jaise bad effects hote hai.

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