Mental Health And Covid-19.

Mental Health And Covid-19. Jaisa ki WHO Kehta hai – Fear, worry, and stress ye teeno normal responses hai jab hum kisi unknown or uncertain situation me ho. So yeh normal hai ki log is Covid-19 pandemic situation ke dauran fear mehsoos kar rahe hai.

In public mental health terms, the main psychological impact to date is stress or anxiety ke rising cases.

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Pandemics can be stressful.

Virus se infect honey ka darr as well as , daily lifestyle me changes, Covid-19 ko contain karne ke liye lagaye gaye restrictions.
Additionally sab Naye challanges face kar rahe hai like work from home, unemployment, home-schooling of children, and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends and colleagues.
However yeh sab bhi humari mental health ko influence kar raha hai. To a great extent.
Also levels of loneliness, depression, harmful alcohol and drug use, and self-harm or suicidal behaviour. Inn sab ke chances and cases dheere dheere badh rahe hai.

So ese mai it is important that hum apni mental, as well as physical, health par complete dhyan de.

Kuch log zyada vulnerable hain than others to the psychosocial effects of pandemics.
Especially vo log jinhone yeh virus contract kiya hai.

Mental Health And Covid-19.
Mental Health And Covid-19.

Additionally is current pandemic situation mai ,Health care providers bhi kaafi zyada vulnerable hai. To emotional distress.
Because vo zyada exposed hai to the virus. They have concerns about infecting and caring for their loved ones, shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as longer
work hours. Ye sab unke liye iss situation ko zyada risky bana deta hai.

Agar ap Stress se healthy way mai cope karenge . Then yeh sirf apke liye hi nahi balki apke as pas ke logo ke liye bhi acha hoga.

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Covid-19 stress se hosakti hai Problems:

Moreover Covid 19 outbreak se hone wala Stress humko yeh sab chize cause kar sakta hai.:
Fear and worry apni health ke bare mai and of your loved ones as well.
Apni financial situation or job ko leke tension. And apki support services jinpar ap rely karte hai unka ruk jana jo ki is situation mai zyada zroori hai.

Sleep or eating patterns mai changes.

Sleeping or concentrating mai difficulty.

4 Serious health problems ka worse hona.

5 Mental health conditions ka worse hona.

6 Tobacco, and/or alcohol and other substances ke uses ka increase hona.

Take care of you mental health

Aap is situation mai increased stress experience kar sakte hain. Fear and anxiety ka hona strong emotions cause kar sakta hai.
Isliye zaroori hai ki hum apni mental health ka khayal rakhe aur apne as pas ke logo ka bhi soche.

Mental Health And Covid-19.
Keep Yourself and Your Community safe.

Take care of yourself and your community Apni family and friends ki health ka dhyan rakhna apke liye stress reliever hoga but it should be balanced with care for yourself. Logo ki help karna stress se cope karne me such as by providing social support, can also make your community stronger. Increased social distancing ke iss time me aap abhi bhi social connections banaye rakh sakte hai and care for their mental health. So Phone calls or video chats se bhaut help ho sakti hai and aap aur aapke loved ones will feel socially connected, less lonely, ya isolated.

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Healthy ways to cope with stress.

Mental Health And Covid-19.
Cope With stress.

• Know what to do agar app sick hai. Ya concerned hai about COVID-19.
-Koi bhi self treatment , karne se pehle kisi professional se help le.

•Humare liye yeh janna zaroori hai ki hum kaha se aur kaise treatment , counselling or therapy le sakte hai.

• Apni emotional health ka khyal rakhe : because agar ap apni emotional health ka khayal rakhnge . Then yeh apko clearly sochne samjhne mai help karega .

• News stories dekhne , padhne, or sunne se break le:
pandemic ke baremai bar bar sunna apki mental health ke liye harmful hosakta hai.

• Additionally, Take care of your body.

– Deep breathing stretching, as well as meditation ye teeno options bhaut helpful hain.

meditation is necessary.

– Healthy and well-balanced meals Khaye.

healthy diet healthy mind.
Healthy Diet

Regularly Exercise Kare.

exercise treats depression.

– 6-8 ghante ki sleep lena imp hai.

– Excessive alcohol and drug use se bachein.

• Self care ke liye time bachye
Try to do some other activities you enjoy.

• Connected rahe
Freinds and family se apni feelings and concerns share karein.

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Mental Health And Covid-19 effects. Lastly, isolation, Pendamic aur Quarantine ka stress apki mental health aur physical health dono ko harm kar sakta hai. However apka connected rehna with your family and friends. Continuously news na dekhna . Healthy diet , exercises, Meditation. Apko is stress and anxiety se cope karne mai help karenge. But if apki anxiety or stress apke behaviour and professional life ko impact kar rahi hain. Then professional help lena bhaut zaroori hai. So ap in listed website par jakar apni cities ke helpline numbers dekh sakte hai.


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