Students Ne Kar Dikhaya Kamal Uttarakhand mein.


Students: Aapne cars made out of plastic suna hoga, cars made up of glass aur cars mede up toh wood bhi suna hoga. But students in Uttarakhand ne performance with stability ka aek anokha example diya hai! Students ne Uttarakhand mein develop kiya, a car made up of paper develop kiya hai.

Ha humare jaise aapko bhi hazaro sawaal honge. But aapko bata de ke this car is waterproof as well as fireproof.

Aisa Bhi Hota Hai?

Students of the Graphic Era college have built an electric single seater car’s body with recycled paper. Paper engineering principles ko use karke iss car ko desgn kiya gaya hai. A mixture of paper and plaster of paris has been used to make the car’s body. Iss car ko bana ne ka pura recycled paper unhone college premises mein se hi gather kiya hai.


Car ka naam ‘C-Zero’ rakha gaya hai. The car is waterproof and fireproof. Aur surprise ki baat toh yeh hai ki the car only weighs 40 kgs. Normal racing cars ki bodies carbon fibre ki bani hoti hai jinka costing around 3-4 lakhs hoti hai. But this car which is made up of paper costs only around 1.5 lakhs. Toh yeh car light weight ke saath cost effective bhi hui which is the need of the hour with the increasing pollution in the cities.


And The Innovative Students Award Goes To.

The Team E^2 who developed the car made out of paper said that this was a proud moment for them. Unhone yeh pura project within months complete kar diya tha. Jaise Thomas Alva Edison 999 times fail hue the aur 1000th time who bulb banane mein succesfull the, waise hi iss team ke saath bhi aise bohot saari situations hui. Unka kehna tha ki they even burnt 3-4 motors before finally getting it right!When the car was displayed in the exhibition, a lot of people had a surprising look on their faces jaisa aapka  tha starting of the article mein! But the students worked hard and showed the judges how sustainable their idea was. And after crossing all the hurdles the car on testing gave a mileage of 108km/kwh.

The students also won the Circular Economy Award in the off track category.

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