Recovering From Surgery Or Illness? These Foods Might Help!

Recovering From Surgery Or Illness? In Natural foods ki help se jaldi hosakte hain recover. Whether aap kisi illness se recover kar rahe ho. Ya surgery se. Normal diets uss recovery ko rok sakti hai. Or unhelpful ho sakti hai.

Bahut saarey foods. Jaise various fruits, Vegetables, healthy fats aur proteins. Soojan reduce kar sakte hain. Also immunity improve kar sakte hain. And healing promote karne mai help karte hain.

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Let’s know ki yeh healing foods kaun kaun se hain.

1. Green Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables jaise kale, spinach, mustard greens etc. Mein soojan reduce karne vaaley bhaut sare nutrients hotey hai. Yeh nutrients immunity boost karte hain. And Wound healing bhi promote karte hain.

Adding on, Green vegetables me present. Vitamin C, folate potassium and magnesium. Wound healing, immune function and overall health. Ke liye bhaut beneficial hote hain. Green vegetables me antioxidant achi amounts me hotey hain present. Jo soojan reduce karte hai.
Hence green leafy vegetables surgery ke baad bhaut useful ho sakte hain.

Recovering From Surgery Or Illness? These Foods Might Help!
Recovering From surgery or illness? Try these tips.

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2. Eggs

Surgery ke baad humari body ko zyada protein ki zrurat hoti hai. As compared to normal diets. So The American Society for Enhanced Recovery recommend karti hai. That surgery ke baad humari protein consumption badhni chahiye. To 1.5–2 grams per kg of body weight.

Recovering From Surgery Or Illness? These Foods Might Help!

Eggs protein ka ek excellent source hain. Ye toh sab jante hai. But itna hi nahi. Eggs mai vo nutrients hote hain. Jo humare immune system ko strong banate hain. As well as wound healing mai bhi help karte hai. Whole eggs mai vitamins A , Vitamin B12. As well as zinc, iron, and selenium, hote hai. All of which play vital immune roles.

3. Salmon

Salmon mai protein, B vitamins, selenium, iron, zinc, and omega-3 fats. Achi amounts mai paye jate hai.

Studies show karti hai ki salmon mai present omega-3 fats. May promote wound healing. As well as improved immune response. Also if as a supplement isey le toh yeh soojan bhi reduce karta hai.

Recovering From Surgery Or Illness? These Foods Might Help!

Plus, just 85 grams of  wild-caught salmon humari body ki. Daily needs of selenium ko 70% satisfy karta hai. Moreover selenium soojan and immune response ko regulate karta hai.

Although Salmon fish khana safe hai. But agar aap koi fish oil supplement lena chahte hain. While recovering from surgery or illness. Then Doctor se consult karna important hai.

4. Berries

Berries nutrients and plant compounds se bharpoor hoti hain. Jo humari body ki recovery ko support dete hain. For instance Berries mai Vitamin C ki achi amount wound healing ko. Promote karti hai by building collagen. Jo humari body ka sabse abundant protein hai.

Berries mai antioxidants bhi achi amount mai hote hai. Jo plant pigment hai. Jisse berries ko unka vibrant color milta hai. Aur ye antioxidant anti-inflammatory, antiviral. And immune-supporting effects bhi provide karta hai.

berries can help in healing.

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5. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds like almonds,walnuts, sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds. Yeh sabhi bhaut achi choice hosakte hai. For fueling your body during the recovery process. Inse humari body ko plant-based. Protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals milte hai. Jisse body ko healing mai support milta hai.

For example, nuts and seeds bhaut ache source hai of. Zinc, vitamin E, manganese, and magnesium. Vitamin E ek antioxidant ki tarah act karta hai humari body mai. And cellular damage ke against protect bhi karta hai. Moreover yeh humari immune health ke liye bhi bhaut important hai.

nuts and seeds. can be helpful.

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6. Chicken

Specific amino acids, jo protein ke building blocks bhi hote hain. Unka Wound healing and immune function mai bhaut important role hota hai.

Chicken mai glutamine and arginine bharpoor hote hain. So yeh dono amino acids recovery and wound healing mai help karte hain. Glutamine provide karta hai cellular protection during times of stress. Like illness and injury. While arginine collagen production and wound healing mai madad karta hai.

Recovering From Surgery Or Illness? These Foods Might Help!

Other Ways Jo Help Karte Hain Healing Mai

Ek healthy nutrients packed diet hona sabse important part hai speedy recovery ka. But uske sath sath important hai ki hum kuch aur chize bhi follow kare. Like lifestyle mai kuch changes bhi healing ko support kar sakte hain.

Enough Rest karna bhi bhaut essential hai. Jab hum kisi illness, injury, or surgery se recover kar rahe ho. Plus, getting enough sleep humare body ke. Repair process ko speed up kar deti hai. In fact, lack of sleep ki wajah se immune functions slow ho sakta hai. And recovery bhi delay ho sakti hai.

Hydration bhi ek important aspect hai of healing and recovery. Especially proper wound care. Plus, fever and diarrhea jesi bimaria apki hydration ki needs ko badha deti hai.

Also, apko cigarettes and alcohol consume karne se bachna chahiye. Jab ap recover ho rahe ho from illness or injury. Because Smoking and drinking recovery process ko slow kar sakte hain. As well as apke immune system ko bhi suppress kar sakte hain.

In Conclusion

Lastly hume dekha konse foods kar sakte hai help. When we are Recovering From Surgery Or Illness. Yeh foods naa hi sirf wound healing mai help karenge. But also extra immunity bhi provide karenge. Jo recovery ke sath sath body ko overall healthy rakhega. However healthy diet ke sath sath necessary hai. Ki hum plenty of sleep le. Hydrated rahe, and alcohol consumption ko avoid kare. Altogether yeh sabhi chize fast recovery mai helpful hain.

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