Bizarre Foods In India With Rv Talks

Indian cuisine beautiful blend hai culture and custom ka. It is all about its flavours, variety spices and surprises. But India ke pass kuch unexplored food items hai. Inn Indian bizarre foods ke baaree bahut kam logo ko pata hai mainly locals.

Welcome to the wild world of unknown Indian food. Let me warn you, ye food bizarre hai. Ye food items everyday innocent classic nahi hai but those that are prized for being deadly delicacies. So here’s comes the ultimate bucket list of fearless foodies:

Frog Legs

This French delicacy Indian plate me bahut time pehle se hai. In many parts of India, battered and fried frog lega se zada exotic kuch bhi nahi. Frog legs Goa and Sikkim bme bahut common hai. As per Lepchas community in Sikkim frog legs various stomach problems cure karne me help karta hai.

Frog legs

Indian bullfrog is also a monsoon delicacy in Goa. Also isse popularly ‘jumping chicken‘ ke naam se jana jata hai. Although, ye threatened species hai yet ye kuch Indian restaurants me serve kiya jata hai.

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Red Ants Chutney

Indian chutneys yaha ke khane ko special flavours provide karta hai. But ye chutney aapko gag kar dega. From the wilderness of Batsar in Chhattisgarh, comes a red hot chutney called ‘Chaprah‘.

Red Ants Chutney

Ye dish red ants aur unke eggs se banaya jata hai. Ants ko dry karke usme salt and spices milaya jata hai. Ye sharp as well as spicy hota hai. It can set your tongue on fire. Dhuruva tribe ke logo ke according ye dish nahi hai, ye ek adventure hai.

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Pune ka famous bizarre street food Tilli hai. Tilli ka matlab spleen hota hai especially buffalo’s spleen.


Spleen ko marinate karte hain mild spices and then they are char grilled. Tilli ka sharp district taste hota hai. Kuch non- vegetarians ke according spleen me high concentration of iron hota hai.

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Lamb Brain

Aapne irritate hone par kabhi na kabhi to bola hoga ‘ Bheja fry mat kar!!!’. So here’s come the exotic bheja fry dish. Bheja fry or brain fry, Lucknow and Hyderabad ko popular dish hai. Ye Italian cuisine ko lamb ke brain se banaya jata hai. Also, it is very popular in other part of country.

Lamb brain fry

Eri Polu

It is another rare and extraordinary food item. Isse silkworm larva se banaya jata hai. Eri Polu , Assam ki speciality hai. Iska origin Assam ke tribal areas me hua hai.

Eri Polu

Eri Polu me soft pupa ko spices and herbs ke saath cook karte hai. Also smoked in bamboo shoots. Eri Polu ka end result magical hota hai with unique aroma and tender meat. It may sound gross but tribal of Assam ke liye ye good source of nutrition hai.

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Phan Pyut

Phan Pyut rotten potatoes hota hai. India ke Eastern side me ye dish bahut pasand ki jaati hai.

Phan Pyut

Phan Pyut ko soil me rot hone ke liye rakh diya jata hai. Jab potatoes rot ho jaate hai to unhe soil se nikal kar cook karte hai. Rotten potatoes ko various spices me cook karte hai and then it is eaten.

Aapne Jadoh ke baare me sunna hoga. Ye another popular north-eastern dish hai. Iss dish ko rice, pork offal and chicken blood me banaya jata hai.


So here’s the list of few exotic dish from India. Agar aapko inke alwa koi aur dish ke baare me pata hai to comment box me zarur bataye. I would love to know about it.

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