GI Tag Kya Hota Hai? GI Tags In India

Geographical Indication tag or GI tag, name or sign hai jo kisi bhi product ke liye use hota hai. Ye products correspond karte hai specific geographical location or origin ko such as town, region or country.

What Is Meaning Of GI Tag?

GI, sign hai jo kisi bhi products par use hota hai that have specific geographical origin. Ye product ki quality aur unke reputation uss region me ensure karta hai.

Also, Geographical Indication symbol hai jo product ki duplicity ko check karta hai related to agriculture, machinery and sweets. GI tag specific geographical location ke liye use hota hai.

However, koi bhi same technique se specific product bana sakta hai. GI- holder usse prevent nahi kar sakta.

Objective Of GI Tags

GI Tag ka basic motive unauthorised use of registered GI ko prevent karna hai. Also, GI security provide karta hai to new or unique manufactured good.

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Kon GI Tag Issue Karta Hai India Me?

GI Tag, Geographical Indication of Good (Registration and Protection) Act 1999 ke basis par issue hota hai. Geographical Indication Registry under Ministry Of Commerce and Industry issue karta hai ye tags.

Geographical Indication intellectual property rights ka part hai. Ye Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property ke andar aata hai.

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Some GI Tags In India

India ke different states ko different things ke liye GI tags mila hai. Ye vary karta hai from agriculture to handicraft. Here are few states with their GI Tag:

West Bengal

West Bengal ki ‘Darjeeling tea’ ko first GI tag mila tha. Ye tag 2004-2005 me diya gaya tha. Darjeeling tea ki two varieties ko GI tag ke under registered kiya gaya tha.

Darjeeling tea

Also, Khirsapat mango of Chapainawabganj ko ye February 2017 me mila hai. Isse Himsagar bhi bola jata hai. Ye bahut delicious fruit hai. The popular summer fruit became the 3rd product after Hilsa fish and Jamdani to get distinction.

Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi glass beads ko GI tag 10 November 2016 ko mila hai. Ye small decorative objects hai. Inki help se beautiful neck pieces and bracelet banaye jaate hai.

Baranasi glass beads

Lucknow Chicken Craft 400 years old hai. Iss technique ko Chikankari bolte hai. Chikankari ko ye unique distinction 2008 me mila hai. Also, iss embroidery ko modern technique ke saath combine kar ke beautiful clothes design kiya jaata hai.

Banarasi Brocada Saris bahut beautiful hoti hai. Brocade work refer karta hai heavy fabric ko that are richly designed with raised pattern. Because of gold and silver zari work iss fabrics ko bahut rich and heavy consider kiya jata hai.

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Madhubani painting bahut hi famous art form hai. Iske mithila art bhi bola jata hai. These painting often have characteristics like complex geometrical pattern. Also, ye special occasions like festival and rituals ko represent karta hai.

Madhubani painting

Bhagalpuri silk Or Tussar silk is dying style of silk sarees. Iss material ko use karke saari banate hai jisse Bhagalpuri saree bolte hai.


Tripura ka queen pineapple spiny, golden yellow color ka hota hai. It has pleasant aroma and flavor. Also, inki sweetness and aroma dusre pineapple se different hoti hai. Isse 2015 me GI tag mila hai.

States With Highest GI Tag

Karnataka ke pass highest number of GI tagged products hai. However, if geographical area is considered then Kerala ke pass highest GI tags hai.

While Tamil Nadu ke highest number of handicraft GIs hai. Similarly, Maharashtra ke pass highest number of agriculture products ka GI tag hai.

Also, sarees and fabrics ko sabse zada GI tags mila hai.

Latest GI Tags

Odisha Rosogulla ko 2019 me GI tag mila hai. Ye ek sweet hai made from chhena cooked in sugar syrup. Also, ye bahut soft, juicy and non-chewy hota hai.


Kashmir Saffron ko 2020 me GI tag mila hai. Ye cultivate and harvest hote hai in Karewa (highlands) of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir saffron renowned spice hai globally. Isse medical and cosmetics purpose ke use kiya jata hai.

Hence, agar aap Indian state visit kar rahe to waha ke GI tags ko zarur dekhe. Because wo state ussi ke liye famous hai aur aap usse miss nahi karna chahege.

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