Kaise Useful Tips Se Diwali Par Home Cleaning Ko Easy Banaye?

Diwali Hindus ka big and elaborated festival hai. Every Indian women pre Diwali Home Cleaning me busy rahti hai. Some useful cleaning tips se ise easy kiya ja sakta hai. Moreover, Diwali par sab kuch bright, colorful, and brand new hota hai. Especially, women ko Diwali festival par bht sare kam jaise cleaning, cooking, decorations, etc hote hai. Because of lot of work women ko stress hone lagta hai. But following cleaning tips women ko ease provide karengi.

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White Vinegar – Glass Cleaning

Ghar ke window glass ko easily clean kar sakte hai. Moreover glass ko white vinegar se quickly clean kar sakte hai. First of all white vinegar ko one part of water me mix kare. Secondly, glass ke upar spray karke kuch der leave kar de. Afterwards kisi soft cloth se wipe kar de. Importantly, remember that ki glass par vinegar ka koi trace na rah jaye. Because vinegar glass ko damage kar sakta hai.

Pillowcase – Ceiling Fans

Most of the time Diwali ke cleaning me ceiling fan ke tough cleaning ko bhul jate hai. As ceiling fans ke blade ko pillowcase se easily clean kiya ja sakta hai. Firstly, Ceiling fans ko pillow cover ko pillow ki tarah cover kar de. And then after use wipe kar de. Aisa karne par fan blade ke sare dirt and grime pillow case me collect ho jainge.

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Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide – Tiles

Women ke liye Bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles ko clean karna bht tough task hota hai. Diwali ke snacks and sweets banane me kitchen tiles bht dirty ho jate hai. And in tiles ko clean karna bht difficult hota hai. But ek easy tip ko follow karne par easily clean kar sakte hai. First of all, ek tablespoon baking soda me Hydrogen peroxide ko mix kare. And toothpaste ki consistency bana le. Afterwards, toothbrush se tiles ko rub kare. And finally cloth se wipe karke clean kar de.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon – Hard-Water Stains

Hard water se floor surface par chalky stains aa jata hai. And women ko ise clean karne me difficulty aati hai. Moreover, taps, utensils, buckets, etc par stains ko clean karne ke liye ek easy tip hai. Firstly, apple cider vinegar and lemon ke equal mixture ko surface par spray kare. And 15 minutes ke liye leave kar de. After that cloth se wipe karke clean kar de. Isse surface clean ho jaiga.

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Lemon Juice – Microwave

Lemon ka nature acidic hone se ye ek good cleaning agent hota hai. Diwali par microwave ko ache se clean karne ke liye lemon ka use kiya ja sakta hai. First of all 20ml water me half lemon mix kare. Secondly, us water ko microwave me high temperature par boil kare. And after that 15 minute microwave me chod de. Then soft cloth se inner surface ko clean kar de. Additionally, better results ke liye mixture me white vinegar me mix kar sakte hai.

Some Other Cleaning Hacks

  1. White marble or ceramic bathroom fittings ke dirt and germs ko clean karna bht difficult hota hai. So baking soda ko dirt wale portion par spread kare. And secondly, drop of dish wash se floor ko scrub kare. Isse Diwali par clean and sparkling bathroom and wash basin milega.
  2. Ek sath sare curtains, bedsheet, cushion covers, etc ko clean na kare. Because home cleaning ke burden se stress increase hoga. Moreover, room wise things ko clean karne se work ka burden nhi hoga.
  3. Mattresses ko clean karne ke liye baking soda and vinegar ka use kiya ja sakta hai. As isse mattresses easily clean ho jaiga.
  4. Even so Disinfectant other home appliances ko clean kiya ja sakta hai.
  5. Expired Medicines, Make-Up, and Kitchen Products ko throw away kar de.

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