Weight Lose Kare Safely Aur Easily:10 Simple Tips.

Weight lose karna chahte hain. Now , and you want to do it safely. But how? Firstly,Yeh baat dhyan rakhein that experts say it’s best to lose weight gradually. Agar aap weight bhaut jaldi shed kar dete hain toh isse you’ll lose muscle, bone and water in the body instead of just fat. Yeh baat Academy of Nutrition and Dietrics ne batayi hai.
The academy’s advice ” Start kariye with an aim to lose half to 1 kg a week, and avoid kariye fad diets or products jo fast results claim karte hain.

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So here are 10 easy steps jisse ap safely weight lose kar sakte hain:

1. Carbs Kare Kum

Firstly Carbs jaise sugar starch etc Ko apni diet me hata dene se. Aapka calorie intake kam ho jata hai.
Moreover Isse aapki body stored fat ko burn karne lagti hai. Aur weight loss me madad milti hai.

Weight Lose Kare Safely Aur Easily
Healthy diet.

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2. More Protein and Healthy Fat

Secondly Protein aur healthy fat ko apni diet me shamil karne se aapki food cravings kam ho jati hai. And therefore aapke junk and unhealthy khane ke chances kam ho jate hai.

Weight Lose Kare Safely Aur Easily:10 Simple Tips.

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3. Sugary drinks ko karein kam

Inn drinks me bhaut zyada unhealthy calories hotein hain. Jo weight loss karna kar dete hain mushkil.

Weight Lose Kare Safely Aur Easily:10 Simple Tips.

4. Khaane se pehle piyein paani

Kuch studies se yeh pata chala hai ki khaane se aadhe ghante pehle paani peene se 44% zyada weight loss ke chances badh jaate hain.

5. Cardio ya weightlifting se hota hai benefit.

Weightlifting se aapka metabolism badhta hai. Jisse weight loss quick ho jata hai.

Weight Lose Kare Safely Aur Easily:10 Simple Tips.

Agar aap weightlifting nahi karna chahte hai. Then aap koi mild cardio workout bhi apne routine me include kar sakte hai. Jaise running, jogging, cycling etc.

6. Soluble fibers karein consume

Kuch studies se yeh pata chala hai ki. Soluble fibers consume karne se weight loss me madad milti hai. Also Aap fibre ke supplements bhi le sakte hain.

10 Simple Tips.jinse hoskta hai weighloss in a good way.

7. Eat slowly

Slowly diet consume karne se aap full mehsoos karte hain as well as aapke unhealthy food khaane ke chances kam ho jatein hain.

8. 7to8 hours sleep

Kam neend banti hai unhealthy fat gain ka kaaran. Moreover Aapko 7 se 8 hours ki complete sleep milne par apki body zyada healthy tareeke se function karti hai.

9. Drink green tea

Since Green tea me present hote hai catechins and caffeine as well jo saath milkar fat burning me help karte hain.

drink green tea to loose weight.

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10.Breakfast na karein skip

Lastly,Breakfast skip karne se unhealthy weight gain hota hai. Also ho sake toh protein based breakfast hi khayen Usse aap der tak full mehsoos karenge.

The Bottom Line

10 Simple Tips. jinse hoskta hai weighloss in a good way.

In conclusion weight loss karna ho sakta hai mushkil but ye entirely possible hai just by making some easy changes Apni diet aur lifestyle mai ,Shuru kare with one step at a time . Then make few small changes each week Taki healthy tareeke se weight loss ho sake. Therefore With little patience and hardwork , aap apne desired weight loss goals tak phauch sakte hai.

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