AZZYDOON: An Indian Photographer making India proud in Saudi Arabia!

Azfar aka azzydoon is an Indian photographer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has started posting his pictures on Instagram when he came to Saudi Arabia in July 2015. Since then his work has been recognized and he is also doing professional photography, getting featured in various platforms. He has become a mentor at Nikon Middle East Asia and making our country proud in the Gulf. His Instagram page is growing rapidly too. He is famous for his colourful pictures supported by his words that he writes on the captions. Below is the glimpse of our talks with Azzydoon.

Hello Azzydoon, how did you get into photography?

Hi, I have been into photography since my childhood. I had Kodak Kroma at my home and I used to take pictures during my school days. I bought my first DSLR in July 2015 and started posting pictures on Instagram. I started getting recognition and got my first professional project within 2 months after posting my pictures on Instagram. I got confidence after completing that project and since then there is no stopping.
We have seen you are mostly into Landscape photography. What kind of other photography do you like?
To be honest as a photographer I like to take pictures of anything and everything. I post colorful landscapes most of the time because I like playing with colors and my audience likes it. I have done wildlife, portrait, macro, street, and night photography or you name it.

What kind of photography projects have you done so far?

I started with product photography and then whatever project I got or get, I do it as a learning experience and as a challenge. I have done interior design photography, corporate photography, food, fashion, pre-wedding, etc. and my client’s comments and appreciations make me happy and satisfied. It is challenging to understand the client’s requirements.

What editing software do you use and how did you learn them?

I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe light room. I start with light room and then continue with photoshop and then do the final touch in light room again. Actually it depends on the photo. I have no specific rule of editing. I learnt editing on my own with the help of youtube and google. I don’t edit on mobile at all.

How did you become Nikon Middle East Asia Mentor?

Well, I was using nikonmea, imnikon and few more hashtags on instagram since I bought my Nikon camera. I was waiting for them to recognize me… lol. Finally I received a message from Nikon on Instagram that they want me to be a part of their photo walks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 
We heard you sell photos online too.

Can you guide our readers how to sell photos online?

One of my friends told me about a few apps in which you can make a portfolio and start uploading pictures and participate in competitions/challenges. I made my profile there and participated in challenges. Luckily my pictures got sold there. Few of the apps are Snapwire, FOAP, Eyeem, Shutterstock.

Any tips for new photographers?

Well, I feel I am still too small to give tips. I just feel if you are passionate about anything you need to start and you will definitely reach somewhere if you work with a positive spirit and attitude. I believe in more skills and fewer gears. Most of the time I use only two lenses and personally I prefer natural lights. There is a difference between a cameraman and a photographer. I was a photographer when I had no camera.. lol.
In my opinion learning editing is a must to make your photo the way you have seen it when you were capturing it. I also get criticism about editing pictures. I welcome all criticisms. I just want to show my vision in my photos. When I take pictures anywhere, I keep a vision about how I am going to edit it on my laptop.
So that was small talk with Azzydoon. You must check his Instagram @azzy.doon and follow him. He is always open to reply if you want to ask anything about photography.

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