Elon Musk Ka ‘AI-Brain Chip’ Kya Kar Sakta Hai?

Recently, Tesla and SpaceX ke CEO Elon Musk ne announce kiya that vo. Apne Nueralink implant designed AI- Brain Chip ka dene wale hai ek demo. Also Elon Musk ne last year 2019 mein bhi claims diye that he hoped to have an implant in a patient vo bhi 2020 ke end tak. So Let’s see Elon Musk ka ye innovation of. AI -Brain Chip kya wonders kar sakta hai.

Kya Hai Neuralink?

In addition, Neuralink which was founded in 2016. Yeh Elon Musk ki ek Neural Technology Company hai. Now yeh company develope kar rahi hai ek implant designed jo directly interface kiya jaa sakta hai with human brain. Also iss implant ka initial goal i.e AI- Brain Chip yeh hai that to use it as a means jisse. Brain injuries and Trauma ko kiya ja sakta hai treat. Says Musk.

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Moving on, Elon Musk ne last year kiye plenty of claims regarding Neuralink Corp. Also a year ago is implant ka ek early look bhi aaya tha . Jab Nueralink ki team ne show kiye tiny electrodes on thin, flexible probes. And team ne kaha that ye able hai penetrate karne mein brain tissues ko. Vo bhi minimal damage ke sath. 

Adding on, yeh ultimately karte hai help brain function ko restore karne mein. To people jo traumatic brain injuries se kar rahe hai suffer. And Neuralink team ne isse already rats and primates mein place kiya hai. Now Neuralink jiska work largely been shrouded in secrecy. Yeh ab set hai ek public “progress update” dene ke liye on Friday.

Kya Tweet Kiya Elon Musk Ne?

Although, Elon Musk ne regarding his brain implant kiye the plenty of claims on Twitter and podcasts. Recently, Musk ne tweet karte huye announce kiya that iska Friday ko hone wala hai ek Live webcast. Tweet – 

While yeh device kya actually able hai to achieve the breakthroughs Musk says they can? Here what we know so far about Musk’s startup. Adding on, unke recent claims, yeh technology and jo kuch neuroscientist ne kaha vo possible ho skta hai? Let’s see

Claim 1 : Neuralink Soon Karegi Implant It’s Technology In Humans

Moreover, On May 7 , Musk appear huye on the popular podcast named The Joe Rogan Experience. And unhone ek distinctive claim kiya about Neuralink – the start-up. ” Would be able to implant a neural link in less than a year in a person, I think. There’s still a lot of work to do.” Said Elon 
Adding on, yeh prediction actually mein itna groundbreaking nahi hai as it might sound. Also Elon ne describe kiya iska procedure. Which happens fairly routinely to treat conditions jaise epilepsy and Parkinson’s. And potentially fatal risks jaise brain hemorrhages.


Currently, Nerualink use kar rahi hai flexible polymers. Jo unlikely less than a decade hi last kar sakte hai in human body. The minimum timeframe jo FDA(Food And Drug Administration) dekhne ka soch rahi hai in medical devices. That jo easily remove nahi kiya ja skta hai kuch esa ho. “If you want to test whether something can last 10 years. Apko uske liye really 10 years tak hi wait karna padega.” Said Matt Angle. Jo chief executive hai Paradromics Inc, an Austin. And ye ek Texas-based brain machine interface company hai.

Furthermore, the other important element jo Elon Musk ki statement mein tha that. Nerualink company ko agar quickly ye implant humans par test karna hai toh. Would need to get a exemption ek normal multi- year regulatory process se. And from the Food and Drug Administration.
Also yeh bhi possible hai that other brain implants ne exemption receive kiya hai. But Nerualink’s device ko additional challenges face karne padh sakte hai.”It could, in principle, fix anything that’s wrong with the brain.” He adds

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Claim 2 : Neuralink Device Kar Sakta Hai Treat Addiction And Depression

Firstly, July 10 ko Musk ne Twitter par ek notable statement diya tha. And ussi par ek user ne ek question put up kiya. That kya Neuralink brain ke uss part ko retrain karne mein helpful hai. Which causes depression aur addiction. Toh Elon ne reply kiya that – “For sure”. This is both great and terrifying.”

Elon Musk's brain chip could 're-train' area linked to depression | Daily  Mail Online

Secondly, Neuroscientist ne bhi agree kiya or kaha that electrodes ki placing brain mein. Help karti hai esi conditions ko mitigate karne mein.
In fact, researchers jo beyond Neuralink hai. Already is par work kar rahe hai. Including Alik Widge jo ek psychiatrist and biomedical engineer hai at the University of Minnesota.

Also iska treatment involve karta hai brain mein ek particular spot par. Electrodes ko apply karna called as Internal Capsule. Yeh connection ko stimulate karta to the prefrontal cortex. And improve karta hai brain ke cognitive functions ko. Jaise perceptions aur judgements. “About 200 patients worldwide ye technique ko. Try kiya hai for depression issues.” Widge said

Claim 3: Nerualink Mitigate Kar Sakta hai Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In addition, ese bhaut saare questions hai jo is Al-Brain Chip ke regarding puche gaye hai. Moreover, On July 18 ek or Twitter user ne Musk ko question kiya that. Kya Neuralink un patients ko help karega jo. Obsessive compulsive disorder. And kya ye stimulate kar sakta. The release of oxytocin, serotonin jaise other chemicals ko? Further Musk ne iska reply kiya that “Yes.”

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Claim 4 : Nerualink Solve Karega Conditions Like Autism And ALS

Adding on, July 18 ko Musk ke job call who wanted to help solve brain and spinal injuries. Here ek Twitter user ne Elon ko question kiya that. If Neuralink solve kar sakta hai disabled people with injuries. Also austin and ALS ( never cells breakdown) jaisi problems ko. Moreover, Elon ne reply karte huye kaha that ” It had that potential.”

Although, deep brain stimulation or treatment via electrodes in brain already use huyi hai. Jinse traumatic brain injuries ka treatment conduct hua . And iske promising results bhi samne aaye. Also encouraging signs jo Neuralink device ke emerg ho rahe hai. Jinse austim jaisi problems ko address kiya jaega. And many patients yeh treatment use kar chuke hai . Also implanting electrodes in autistic people se iske. Improved symptoms bhi aaye nazaar in many cases.

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In Conclusion

Lastly, Elon Musk ke through ese aur bhi kafi claims hai. Saying that yeh device music bhi stream kar sakta hai directly into people’s brain.

Elon Musk's Neuralink gadget will 'stream music straight into your BRAIN'  with no headphones needed

And Neuralink sabkuch perform kar sakta hai esa bhi koi statement nahi diya gaya hai. Also unhone iske regarding answers bhi diye hai. But there are lot more questions jinka answer silence hai. Adding on, Yeh first time nahi hai that Musk ne itne saare claims diye. Also he hoped that vo ek esa device bhi develop kare jo. Symbiosis enable kar sake between Humans and AI.

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