Food For Your Dog: A Healthy Diet Aapke Dog Ke Liye

Food For Your Dog? Ye question kayi dog owners ko confuse aur pareshan karta hai. Often they wonder ki kya wo apne pet pal ko sahi food de rahe hain.

Good nutritious diet aapke dog ko healthy as well as happy rakhega. However, koi ek set formula nahi hai jisse aap decide kar sake ki apne dog ko kya dena hai. Ye janna bahut zaroori hai because har pooch ko alag type ka nutrition chahiye.

Since nutrition requirment sabhi dogs ke liye different hota hai, apne dog ka diet accordingly plan kare. It depends on various factors such as breed, size and age. Apne vet se apne pet ki nutrition ke baare me jane.

Here are some simple things jo aap follow kar sakte hain.

Dog Food Available In The Market

Commercial dog food dog ki breed, size aur kayi factors ko dhyaan me rakhkar banaya jata hai. Alag dog species ko alag nutrition requirement hoti. Companies iss factor par bahut stress dete hain. Dog food zaroori nutrients such as vitamins, grains, meat aur vegetables add kiye jate hain. Therefore, aapke dog pal ke liye market product sabse sahi hoga.

But aapko dhyaan rakhna hoga ki aapka dog kis period of life me hai- puppy, adolescent, adulthood or senior. There are foods that are approved for all dog types.

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How Much And How Often?

Six months or younger puppies ko 3-4 times feed kare. Once your pup is older than six months, feed him twice daily.

Generally, puppies reach adulthood when they are one. However, larger breeds may continue to grow for two years. For larger dogs, unhe 1-2 baar feed kare. This also depends on the amount of exercise your dog gets.

Also, food quantity bhi matter karta hai. Aap starting me packet ki guidelines follow kar sakte hain. But vet aapko sahi se guide kar sakege.

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Kya Dog Vegetarian Ho Sakte Hain?

Sabhi veggies aapke dog ke liye safe nahi hota hai. So it will take some effort to make your dog a vegetarian. Dogs ko bhi balanced diet ki zaroorat hoti hai. Aur protein ek important component hai. Aapko dusre protein source apne dog ke liye khojna padega.

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Table Scraps

Although there are some types of food jo aap apni plate se apne dog ko de sakte hain. But aapko bahut careful rehna hoga.

FDA ne kuchh food items bataye hain jo ki aapke pets ke liye theek nahi. These include- chicken bones, fatty products, salty snacks and chocolate. Food such as grapes, raisins and onions pet ko na de.

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If you treat your pet from the table toh inn baaton ka dhyaan rakhe.

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Written by Ratnakar Upadhayay

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