Peruvian Cuisine : World Best Culinary Destination Award Winner

Peruvian Cuisine ko many times se world Culinary Destination Award mil raha. Along with adventurous destination food tourism ke liye famous hai Peru. Because of biodiversity and multicultural heritage se must explore places me se ek hai Peru. Even so wide variety of climates, ecosystems, and environments multitude of products grow karne me help karta hai. Peruvian cuisine ko diverse hone ka reason products me variety hai. Moreover, cultural fusion, ingredients and cooking methods, the adaptation of traditional dishes to modern dishes yaha ki specialty hai.

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Aji de Gallina – Peruvian stew

Firstly, Peruvian Stew ko chicken, yellow chili peppers, walnuts, garlic, turmeric, and other spices se banaya jata hai. Traditionally, is dish me half a hard-boiled egg ko include kiya jata hai. Moreover aisa mana jata hai ki 16th century me African slaves ne ise introduce kiya tha. But Aji de Gallina ab Peru ka staple dish ban gaya. Generally, ye dish har place par available hai but Cusco me best milta hai.

Peruvian Cuisine
Aji de Gallina


Peru ka one of most famous dish hai Ceviche. Raw fish marinated in lime juice, chilies, and onions se consist ye dish foodie love karte hai. Moreover, Peru ka national dish hai Ceviche. Lime juice ke acidity Fishes ki harmful parasites and bacteria ko kill karta hai. And freshness awesome taste provide karta hai. Peru ke coastal city Lima me ye dish best milta hai.

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Arroz Con Pato (Rice with Duck)

Arroz con Pato too ek traditional Peruvian dish hai jo city in Northern Peru se famous hua. Moreover, ducks Peru ke native species hai. New ingredients such as rice, onions, and cilantro ke sath duck ko cook karke rich flavor diya jata hai. Furthermore, spinach and cilantro se rice ko green color diya jata hai. Foodies ko Chiclayo me Arroz con Pato easily and best milega.

Arroz Con Pato
Arroz Con Pato

Anticuchos – Strange Street Food

First sight me foodies ko typical shish kebab lagega. But ye not only typical chicken or beef hai. Moreover, Anticuchos ko heart or the liver of a cow se banaya jata hai. Beef skewers ke liye exciting dish hai. Furthermore, Anticuchos ek strange street food hai jo foodies ko must try karna chahiye. Along with vegetables and potatoes Anticuchos ko serve kiya jata hai. Even so ye commonly har street par available hai.

Peruvian Cuisine
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Lomo Saltado – Popular Food

Peruvian cuisine me one of most popular food hai Lomo Saltado. Even so Peruvian ise daily khate hai. Marinated beef strips, onions, peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, and other ingredients ke sath banaya jata hai. Moreover, usually ise rice and French fries ke sath serve kiya jata hai. Additionally, ye dish Chinese and Peruvian food ka blend hai. Peru visit karne par ye hearty dish must try kare.

Lomo Saltado
Lomo Saltado

Causa Rellena – Unique Dish

Peru ke history ke sath Causa Rellena ek traditional dish hai. Ye dish cake jaise dikhta hai and vegetables ki stuffing rahti hai. Moreover middle ke filling me chicken, salad, or seafood me se kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Along with Chile and Bolivia, Peru ki fight ho rahi thi. And that time women soldiers ke liye some potatoes and vegetables such as corn, cabbage, and carrots ke sath is dish ko banati thi. In addition to this is dish ko vegetarian as well as non vegetarian ke liye differently banaya jata hai.

Peruvian Cuisine
Causa Rellena

Rocoto Relleno – Spicy Food

Rocoto Relleno ko English me stuffed pepper bolte hai. Peru ka ye spicy food must try dishes me se ek hai. Moreover, Peru ke popular city Arequipa me best milta hai. Foodies if ise handle nhi kar sakte to na khane ka advise diya jata hai. Additionally, minced meat along with ingredients and topped with melted cheese se banaya jata hai.

Rocoto Relleno
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Chicharron – Delicious Dish

Peru ka ye classic dish delicious hota hai but unhealthy too hota hai. Because any sort of heart problems vale foodies ko ise na khane ke liye bola jata hai. Moreover Peru me streets par meat or sandwich ke form me serve kiya jata hai. In addition to this, is dish ka smell iske taste se better hai. But foodies ke liye must try once dish me se hai. Fried pork belly or pork rinds se is dish ko banaya jata hai.

Chicharron Peruana

Cuy Or Guinea Pig

Peruvian Cuisine ka one of the most famous dish hai Cuy. As name se pig lagta hai guinea pig but usually ye rodents like rats and hamsters hota hai. Moreover ye normally, cows or pigs se jyada popular hai because ise easily breed kiya ja sakta hai. Ye dish foodies ke liye must try dish hai. And Cusco me best serve kiya jata hai.

Peruvian Cuisine
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Popular Dishes For Vegetarians

As world culinary destination award winner hai Peru. So therefore, Non vegetarian as well as vegetarian foodies bhi jate hai Peru destinations explore karne. Because of this many vegetarian dishes too available hai tourist ke liye. For example, Papas a la ocopa ek potato based dish hai jise starter ke tarah serve kiya jata hai. Moreover, boiled potatoes ko creamy sauce of queso fresco, garlic, ají amarillo, peanuts and the wonderful huacatay (Peruvian black mint) se cover karke banaya jata hai. secondly, Ensalada de chonta popular vegetarian dish hai. Even so, Ensalada de pallares, Papa a la huancaína, Sopa de habas (chupe de habas), etc some popular vegetarian dishes available hai. Furthermore, Choclo (choclo con queso), Solterito arequipeño, Pastel de papas, etc too vegetarian foodies enjoy kar sakte hai.

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