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India has a lot to offer as a country. Indian food, festivities, urban legends sab unique as well as colourful hai. Hum apne culture aur traditions ko preserve kar paaye hain. However, kuchh aise bizarre culture aur traditions bhi hain jo bahut shocking aur weird hain. Aap ‘Oh My God’ kahe bina reh nahi paayenge.

So without further ado let’s look into some amazing and bizarre culture followed in India.

Andhra Pradesh: Bani Festival

Festivals are a way of celebrating life. But kya ye statement Bani festival par lagu hota hai. Bani festival challenges the very definition of festivals.

Andhra Pradesh ke Devaragatti Temple, Kurnool district me ye bizarre as well as dangerous hai. In fact, bani festival ka concept hi hai ‘Kill or get killed.’

Har Dusshera lathi lekar log iss temple complex me aate hain. Not to destroy evil but to beat each other in cold blood at midnight. After dawn, sab ghar chale jate hain, drenched in blood, jaise kuchh hua hi nahi. According to the priest, ye celebration 100 years se chala aa raha hai. Previously, log axes aur spears lekar ladne aate the.

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Kerala: Puli Kali

Puli Kali is also called ‘Play of the Tiger.’ Ye fest fourth day of Oman ko manaya jata hai. Aapko ye fest Kerala me kayi jagah dikh jaayega especially in Thrissur. Trained dancers, painted as tigers, street me dance karte hain.

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Tamil Nadu: Theemithi

Theemithi is also called fire walking. Ye ritual Tamil Nadu me originate hua tha. Later it spread to Sri Lanka, Singapore and South Africa.

This festival celebrates Draupadi, wife of Pandavas. After the long Kurukshetra battle, Draupadi aag me chali thi to show the world her piety and chastity. Ever since, fire pit prepare kiya jata hai a week before every Deepavali. Devotees fire pit par walk kar penance aur abstinence ka message dete hain.

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Karnataka: Madey Snana

Madey Snana, also called Spit Bath, Kukke Temple me celebrate kiya jata hai. Ye temple ka centuries old tradition hai. It is also called ‘Rolling over food leftovers.’ Lower caste ke log Brahmins ke leftover food par roll karte hain because they believe ki isse unke illness theek ho jayegi.

However, in 2010 iss fest ko ban kar diya gaya tha. Following the ban, Malekudiya tribe ne protest kiya. Then the Karnataka Government started the festival again.

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Tamil Nadu: Aadi Festival

Smashing coconut on the head or Aadi festival Mahalakshmi Temple me celebrate kiya jata hai. Devotees khushi-khushi priest ko apne sar par coconut smash karne dete hain. Ye smashing good luck as well as good health ke liye kiya jata hai. Despite doctors warning against the practice, log iss tradition ko British Raj se follow kar rahe hain.

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This ends our list but kayi aur aise weird traditions India me hain. Kya aap kise aur bizarre culture ke baare me jante hain. Comment karke zaroor bataye.

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