Kaise Lockdown Se Parenting Style Me Aya Change?

Corona period me lockdown se world me bht sare changes aye hai. Parenting style me Lockdown ka bht bada impact pada hai. COVID-19 me home schooling, working from home, and financial uncertainty se children and parents par effect pada hai. Moreover Children ke sath 24/7 stuck rahna parents ko inadequacies ho rahi.

Parents Kaise Unique Stress Face Kar Rahe?

Due to corona virus, schools and workplace band chal rahe. Because of this parents and other family members ko new stresses face karna pad raha. Moreover, work from home, run the household, virtual school work of kids, etc jaise problems ko manage karna pad raha. Even so, social distancing ka restriction and friends and loved ones se cut off. Furthermore, kuch logo ne apna job lost kar diya and isse home run karne me financial problem ho raha. Whole family members ko ek sath manage karna at the same time global health emergency ka stress uneasy ho raha. As same time pr many role play karna pad raha. Additionally, parents ko children ke liye online class system adjust karne me difficulty aa rahi. Single smartphone ya laptop na hone par class and work ko adjust karne me difficulty ho rahi.

Parenting Style
Parent Child Relationship From Parents to kids wear everything is on Amazon.

Children Ko Online Class And School Work Me Help Ka Problem

In addition to all responsibilities parents ko children ke school work me help karne ka stress hai. Children ko track par lana and assignments me help karna especially if different grades me hai. Parents ke sath children ko bhi new teaching patterns and change se stress create ho raha. Phone, email, or social media and exchange tips dekhna jisse kids ko safely focused and engaged rahe. Even so children ke liye virtual activity or study group provide karna jisse social interaction mil sake. At the same time, children ke academic strengths and weaknesses ko school teacher se discuss karna bhi challenging hai. Learning routine set karna, learning me creativity lana, goal set karna, etc challenging ho raha.

Kaise Parents Ko Children Ke Fear And Stress Se Deal Karna?

Children pandemic ka daily news and adults ki conversation sun kar dar ja rahe. Even so schooling, friendships, and normal routine, me change se stress and fear create ho raha. Parents ki top priority children ki physical and emotional well-being honi chahiye. Parenting style me problem se deal karne ke liye Following step lene chahiye.

  1. Parents ko children ke age ke according unse baat karni chahiye. And unke question ka answer appropriate way me dena chahiye.
  2. If quarantine ki situation aye to children ko ache se samjhana chahiye. Situation ko simply and honestly explain karna chahiye.
  3. Children ko close friends and grandparents se time to time video conferencing services, like Skype or Zoom se baat karani chahiye.
  4. Pandemic me parents ko children ko extra love and affection dena chahiye.
  5. Parenting style me kisi bhi difficult situation ko positively handle karna include karna chahiye.

Kaise Healthy Routine Banai?

Pandemic me daily routine me change aa gaya hai. But children ko routine structure me rakhna important hai. Following steps se regular mealtimes and bedtimes establish kar sakte hai.

  1. Healthy new routines ko establish karne ke liye new normal ko accept karna hoga. Moreover kids ke liye new routine banana hoga. Even so daily school na hone par same schedule follow karna chahiye. Activities such as exercise, family dinners, and household ke liye time set karna chahiye.
  2. Safety ko priority dene ke liye CDC and WHO ki guidelines ko ache se follow karna chahiye. And even children ko bhi easy way me guidelines ko explain karna chahiye.
  3. Furthermore, children ko hygiene and handwashing ke importance ko batana chahiye. And use follow karne ke liye motivate karna chahiye.
  4. Parents children ko explain kare ki kaise social distancing and protocols ko respectfully follow karna chahiye.

Behaviour Problems Se Kaise Deal Kare?

Stress ke situation me frustrate hona, anger, anxiety, fear, etc jaise kai problems hote hai. Adults apne behaviour problems ko different ways me present karte hai. For example, fight with spouse, shout on children, etc. And same situations ko children misbehave karke show karte hai. Difficult situation me behaviour problems se parenting Style me change aa raha hai. But pandemic jaise situation me behaviour problems ko dur karne ke liye following steps hai.

  1. Firstly jab children misbehave kare to unhe different activities me engage karna chahiye. For example, fun game, watching cartoons, doing favorite activities, etc.
  2. Secondly when child ke sath patience loose kare to long breathe le kar situation ko calmly handle karna chahiye.
  3. Situation ko explain karne ke liye creative ways ka use karna chahiye. For example, show pictures, telling stories, etc.
  4. Ache behaviour par children ko reward dena chahiye. Situation ke positive aspect ko explain karna chahiye.

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