‘Asthma Symptoms’ Ko Kaise Karein Naturally Reduce ?

So there’s no magic- bullet food or workout to cure Asthma. But regular low exercise aur diet changes. Se control or reduce kiye ja sakte hai ‘Asthma Symptoms’. And agar ‘Asthma Symptoms’ ko healthy diet aur right exercise ke sath manage kiya jaye. It can also be a key for maintaining a healthy weight. So here are some natural ways jinse aap apne ‘Asthma Symptoms‘ ko kar sakte hai relieve.

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Konsi Exercises karti hai help?

1. Breathing Exercises

In addition, physical activities aur certain breathing exercises bhi karti hai reduce ‘asthma symptoms‘. Yeh methods help karte hai by opening the airways. And fresh air ko move karne mein into the lungs.

‘Asthma Symptoms’ Ko Kaise Karein Naturally Reduce ?

Example of breathing exercises – • diaphragmatic breathing • nasal breathing • pursed lip breathing
However, yeh important hai that aap apna medication lete rahe as directed.

2. Sports with short burst of activity And Walking

Moving on, as a low intensity activity walking inme se ek great choice hai. Yeh ek gentle form of body exercise hai. Which makes it easier to breath.
Also aur comfortable experience ke liye. Jab weather thoda warm ho tabhi outdoor walking ke liye jaye. Because dry aur cool air kar sakti hai trigger or worsen your symptoms. And aap indoor walk ke liye treadmill bhi kar sakte hai use.

Adding on, sports jo asthma patients ke liye appropriate hotey hai. And yeh activities involve karti hai intermittent breaks. Jo apke lungs ke liye hote hai gentle.
• baseball • gymnastics • volleyball • golf • football

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3. Swimming

Moreover, swimming sabse recommended exercise hai. Asthma patients ke liye baki activities ke comparison. It’s less likely to cause asthma- related symptoms due to-
• warm air aur moist environment • low pollen exposure • pressure of fluid on the chest

Despite in sabhi benefits ke, chlorinated pools cause kar sakte hai symptoms in some individuals. So agar aap new to swimming pool hai. Toh use karein cautions.

Other Tips

In addition, agar aap less strenuous activities choose karte hai. Toh aab yeh sare tips bhi follow kar sakte hai. Asthma Symptoms ko reduce karne mein.
Like exercise se pehle use karein inhaler. Yeh inhaled medication help karta hai airways ko relax. And breathing ko easier banate hai during physical activity.
Also hmesha warm up karein before exercise. Taki apki body easily adjust hojae. And cold weather mein bahar jaane se phele cover karein apne face ko with mask or scarf. Because dryness of cool air apke airways ko kar sakti hai tighten.

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Konse Foods Kar Sakte Hai Help

1. Healthy Fats

In addition, ek Mediterranean style diet jo rich hoti hai in healthy fats. Like olive oil, full of fish, whole grains and fruit. Yeh sabhi help karte hai asthma symptoms ko control karne mein. According to some research – issue of lung found that children in Peru. Jinhone yeh eating plan ko follow kiya. Were less likely to develop asthma.

Asthma and Your Diet: Foods That Help and Hurt

But saare fats is not created equal. So asthma patients ko focus karna hoga. On plant- based fats aur omega-3 jaise fatty acids par. Jo associated hai asthma people ke inflammation ko reduce karne mein. – according to study jisse Allergology International ne kiya publish.

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2. Flax Seeds

Adding on, flax seeds hai ek aur great source of anti-inflammatoryomega-3 fatty acids ke. So Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine ke according. “Ground flax seeds hoti hai nutrients dense.”

'Asthma Symptoms'

Also to reap the most nutrientsflax seeds ko grind karein spice or coffee bean mein. And add karein one or two teaspoons smoothies or hot or cold cereals mein. Ya sprinkle on salads.

3. Ginger

Furthermore, ginger sirf upset stomach se rid off. Ke alawa bhi bhut kuch karta hai. Yeh help kar sakta hai asthma symptoms ko relieve. Because isme present kuch properties. KIarti hai airways ko relax. – according to American Journal Of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.

Also fresh ginger root ko add karein to vegetable stir-fry served over wild rice. Is way mein apko Ginger ke benefits . And nutrients aur fiber from rice. Says Smith registered Dietitian.

In Conclusion

Adding on, berries, turmeric, spinach and tomato jaise veggies bhi karte hai help in reducing symptoms. Also agar apko asthma hai toh you shouldn’t avoid exercise altogether.And regular physical activity hoti hai essential healthenergy. Aur risk of chronic disease ko manage karne mein.

Lastly, doctor ki guidance ke according regular exercise help karti hai. Lung capacity, blood flow lungs aur heart tak. And endurance aur stamina ko promote aur improve karne mein.Also prescription medication ke alwa exercise can help you gain better control apke asthma symptoms par.

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