How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels In 6 Ways?

High Blood Sugar level tab occur karta hai. Jab humari body effectively blood se cells tak sugar nahi transport kar pati hai. And if left unchecked toh yeh diabetes mein lead karta hai. Moreover, isse reduce ya lower rate par rakhne ke various natural ways bhi hai. So here are 6 natural ways jisne aap apna Blood Sugar Levels kar sakte hai lower.

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1. Apne Carb Intake Ko Kare Control

Adding on, humari body carbs ko break karti hai into sugars ( mostly Glucose) . And phir insulin sugar ko move karta hai cells tak. Now jab aap jada eat ( too many carbs) karte hai. Toh ye jada problems cause krta hai with insulin function. And iss process ke fail hone ki wajah se blood glucose levels rise kar jate hai.

Counting Carbs and Diabetes: What You Should Know.. Blood Sugar Levels

Moving on, American Diabetes Association ( ADA) recommends controlling carbs intake. Apne carbs ko count karke. And ek food exchange system use karke aap isse control kar sakte hai. Also studies says that agar aap apni diet in methods se measure karnge toh. You can plan appropriate meal for yourself. Further, jo apke blood sugar level ko long run mein control or improve karne mein karega help.

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2. Increase Kare Fiber Intake

In addition, fiber carbs digestion and sugar absorption ko karta hai slow. For these reasons. Yeh promote karta hai gradual rise in blood sugar levels.
Furthermore, jiss type ka fiber aap intake kar rahe ho vo ek role play krta hai. Now fiber are of 2 types – Insoluble and Soluble. While dono hi important hai.

How to Eat to Prevent Diabetes and The Blood Sugar Levels

Moving on, soluble fiber specifically show karta hai lower blood sugar levels. Additionally, a high-fiber diet kar sakti hai manage type 1 diabetes. Humare blood sugar ko control and reducing blood sugar lows.
And now jo foods high fiber hote hai that are – vegetables, legumes ,whole grains and fruit. Adding on, jo recommend daily intake hai fibers ka i.e 25 grams for women. And 38 grams for men. Jo hai about 14 grams for every 1000 calories.

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3 . More Water / Stay Hydrated

Moreover, drinking enough water karta hai help to keep your blood sugar levels in healthy limits. In addition, dehydration ko prevent krna. It also helps your kidney that vo excess blood sugar ko flush out kare through urine. Also studies btati hai jo log jada water drink karte hai. Had a lower risk of developing high blood sugar levels.

 Drink More Water to prevent blood SUGARLEVELS

Keep in mind that water aur non-caloric beverages are best. Jo drinks sugar sweetened hoti hai vo blood glucose ko raise, weight gain problem and increase diabetes risks mein result karti hai.

4. Control Stress levels Aur Get Quality Sleep

Adding on, stress bhi humare blood sugar levels ko karta hai affect. Hormones jaise glucagon and cortisol are secreted during stress. And yeh hormones cause karte hai blood sugar levels to go up.

Reduce stress for better blood sugar levels

Further, getting enough sleep feels great. And ye necessary hai ek good health ke liye. Poor sleep habits and lack of rest . Affect karta blood sugar levels mein also insulin sensitivity. And phir ye result karta hai increase appetite . Aur weight gain problems mein.
Furthermore, good sleep dono hi good quality and quantity ki honi chahiye.

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5. Do Exercise / Yoga Regularly

Moreover, daily exercise help karta hai weight maintain karne mein. And increase insulin sensitivity. Increased insulin means apke cells better hai. And able hai use karne ke available sugar apki bloodstream mein.

Best 5 Yoga Exercises (Asana's) for blood sugar levels| Effective Home Remedy

Also good forms of exercise include karti hai. Brisk walking, running, dancing, hiking, weight lifting and more. Adding on, exercise help karti hai apki muscle to use blood sugar. For energy and muscle contraction.

6. Try Karein Apple Cider Vinegar

Lastly, Apple cider vinegar ke bhut sare health benefits hote hai. Also ye promote karta hai lower fasting blood sugar levels ko. Possibly by decreasing its production by the liver. Aur cells mein iske uses ko karta hai increase.

Apple cider vinegar and diabetes: Research and tips.. Blood Sugar Levels

And ye body mein insulin sensitivity ko bhi karta hai improve.
To incorporate apple cider vinegar apni diet mein. Aap isse salad dressings mein kar sakte hai add. Also mix 2 teaspoons in 8 ounce of water. However, aap apne concerned doctor se sure kar skate hai before using apple cider vinegar. If you are taking already medication jo blood sugar level low karta hai.

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