‘Stiff Neck Pain’ Ko Kaise Karein Reduce Naturally?

A stiff neck pain can be painful and ye apki daily activities mein karta hai interfere. Also stiff neck pain apki goodnight sleep ko bhi karta hai affect. Further, neck pain ko naturally kiya jaa sakta hai reduce.
Although neck pain hone ke various reasons hote hai some of them are

  1. Poor Posture
  2. Clenched jaw
  3. Stress
  4. Repetitive Neck Motion
  5. Neck or Spinal Injuries
  6. Osteoarthritis

So here are 5 natural ways jinse reduce ho sakta hai stiff neck pain

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1. Use karein Heat Or Ice

In addition aap in dono mein se koi ek use kar sakte hai according to your comfort. To use this method aap 20 minutes ice ko apply karein for few times a day. Yeh apko neck inflammation mein relive dene mein krta hai help. Also taking warm bath ya phir heating pad help karta hai neck pain ko lessen karne mein.

Stiff neck pain: Causes, treatment, and when to see a doctor

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2. Adjust Kijiye Apne Sleep Positions Ko

In addition, apki sleeping position in night can also affect your neck. Agar aap apni back ya side position mein sleep karte hai. Toh it puts less strain on your neck. Comparison sleeping on your stomach.

Stiff Neck Pain Ko karein reduce

When you sleep on your stomach toh aape par jada force aur strain padhta hai. For long periods of time and yeh cause karta hai pain and stiffness mein.

Further, agar aap without pillow or straight sleep karte hai toh yeh result karta hai neck pain ko reduce karne mein. Also aap ek neck pillow bhi kar sakte hai use.
Lastly, agar apka sleeping position better hoga toh chances of stiffness aur neck strain avoid kiya ja sakta hai.

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3. Reduce Stress

Moving on, stress can cause you to tense the muscles in your neck. And stress ko avoid karne se neck pain stiffness. Ko treat and prevent karne mein help hoti hai.

Stiff Neck Pain to Highly Effective Stress Relievers

Also by doing things to avoid stress like – • listening to music • meditation karna • vacation ya break lene , even ye few hours ke liye ho. Yeh apko stressful environment or work load se dur rakhne mein help karta hai. • And doing something you enjoy.

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4. Message And Exercise Regularly

In addition, exercise help karta hai apke muscles ko strengthen karne mein. Also you can prevent injuries. And exercise apke posture ko improve karne mein bhi karta hai help. To relieve and prevent neck stiffness.

Furthermore, yeh ek effective way jisse aap stress ko bhi kar sakte hai avoid. Which causing you stiff neck.
Moving on, kisi trained practitioner massage can help to loosen stiff neck.

5. Avoid Karein Sudden Movements Ko

Moreover, stretching karne se neck pain aur stiffness ko relieve kiya jaa skta hai. But yeh important hai that aap gently and slowly stretching karein. Also sudden movements more inflammation ke sath sath more pain and serious injuries bhi cause kar sakte hai. Keep in mind that humesha stretching karne se phele aap heating pad ya warm shower le.

And stretches include: • Apne shoulder ko backward and forward roll karein in a circle. • Apne shoulder blades ko ek sath press karein. And same position ko few seconds tak hold karein. Then repeat. • Also slowly apne head ko side to side turn karein.

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