‘Aloe Vera’ Ke Amazing Benefits. Do You Know?

Aloe Vera gel is widely known to relieve sunburn and help heal wounds. But kya apko pata hai that apka favorite potted plant. Can be used for much more. Also yeh skin, hair, weight loss mein bhi kafi helpful hota hai. Yeh plant extensively beauty products mein use kiya jata hai.

Further, isme mein hote hai antiviral aur anti-bacterial properties. Over time, aloe vera has seamlessly integrated itself into everything we use. But, esa kya hai jo is miracle plant ko so distinguishable banata hai? Here’s how– the 5 amazing benefits of this magical plant.

1. Skin Care Mein Karta Hai Help

In addition, iss plant ke various uses hai for face and skin. “Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamin Cand beta carotene jo isme add karti hai nourishing aur anti- aging qualities ko. Also yeh skin ko moisturize karta hai. Without making it greasy. So is reason ki wajah se yeh ek great buy hai for those with oily skin.” says Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj jo ek Delhi based dermatologist hai.


Adding on, aloe vera ya ispar based products dono hi winter as well as summer mein kiya ja sakta hai use. Also yeh help karta hai tan, treat sunburn and stretch marks, acne, dry skin jaisi problems ko remove karne mein.

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How to use – one way is that aap directly fresh aloe vera gel apply kar sakte hai apne face or skin par for 15-20 minutes. Another one, aloe vera gel ko mix karein kisi or special ingredients ke sath from your kitchen. Jaise – aloe vera with rose water and Aloe Vera with cucumber etc..

2. Hair-fall Ko Karta Hai Reduce

Moreover, aloe vera mein hote hai proteolytic enzymes jo repair karte hai dead skin cells on the scalp. Also yeh ek great conditioner ki tarha bhi karta hai act. And leaves your hair smooth and shinny. Yeh promote karta hai hair growth and prevent karta hai itching on scalp, dandruff jaisi problems se.

Adding on, here is a perfect hair mask ways – Mix karein equal quantity mein Aloe Vera gel and Coconut oil ko. And leave it for 3 – 4 hours after applying. Then chill and enjoy.

3. Digestion And Weight Loss Mein Bhi Karta Hai Help

Moving on, it’s not just beauty industry jo aleo vera ke benefits acquire kar rahi hai. The health industry can’t stop raving about it either. According to Britt Brandon, jo ‘The Everything Guide To Aloe Vera For Health’ ke author hai ne kaha.

He said – “Aloe Vera improve karta hai diet ki effectiveness ko. And maximize karta hai apke weight loss potential ko. With ample amounts of vitamins and minerals jo contribute karte hai weight loss. As well as amino acid, enzymes, yeh ensure karta hai that apki diet weight loss supportive ke sath sath absorption and utilization and digestive system ko bhi karta hai improve.”

Also here’s how to drink Aloe Vera juice – As natural taste of this plant is so bitter. Toh aap isse kisi bhi sweet fruit ya vegetables ke sath mix-up karke. Apne taste and choice ke according drink kar sakte hai prepare. And honey + lemon and small cubes of aloe vera is one way.

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4. Potential To Fight Breast Cancer

Furthermore, a new study published in Evidence Based Complementary. And Alternative Medicine looked at that aleo vera / emodin mein hoti hai therapeutic properties. Jo exists karti hai iss plant ki leaves mein. Also authors ne ye bhi kaha that succulent mein potential nazaar aate hai breast cancer ki growth ko slow karne ke. However more studies are needed to further advance this theory.

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5. Blood Sugar Levels Ko Karta Hai Low

In addition, Phythotherapy Research ki studies mein mention kiya gaya that. Type 2 diabetes patients ka aloe vera juice daily basis par consumption. Bhi kar sakta hai help Blood Sugar Levels ko reduce karne mein. Also International Journal of Phythotherapy and Phytopharmacy ke according aleo vera may have a future. Diabetes treatment mein helpful prove hone mein.

And here’s method – two tablespoons aleo vera juice ko ingest karein. On daily basis toh yeh help karta hai improve karne mein Blood Sugar Levels ko.

Also diabetes patients jo glucose lowering medication intake karte hai. Should use caution when consuming aleo vera juice. Iss medication ke sath if aloe vera juice ko consume kiya toh possible chances hai that it will lower your glucose count to dangerous level.

Lastly, if aap sure nahi hai toh apne concerned doctors se sure karein before consuming the juice.

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