‘Giloy Ayurvedic Herb’ Ke Incredible Benefits Kya Hai?

Giloy ek ayurvedic root of immortality hai. And Giloy Ayurvedic Herb ke hai various health benefits. Also this herb has been used and advocated in Indian Medicine for ages.

Further, Giloy ayurvedic herb ko ‘Amrith’ ke name se bhi kiya jata hai address. Jo isse literally ‘the root of immortality ‘ mein krta hai translate. So agar apko Giloy Ayurvedic Herb ke health benefits nahi pata toh. Here are 10 benefits of the Giloy Ayurvedic Herb.

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Giloy Ke Kuch Highlights

Adding on, Giloy ki stem mein hoti hai maximum utility. But sath hi aap iski roots ko bhi kar sakte hai use. Further, iske benefits and uses kiye gaye hai approved by FDA ( Food And Drug Administration) . Also “Giloy ko juice, powder or capsule ki forms mein bhi kiya ja skata hai consume“. said by Dr. Ashutosh Gautam.

1. Yeh Herb Hai Ek Immunity Booster

Moving on, Dr. Ashutosh says that – ” Giloy is an universal herb that boost immunity “. Yeh ek powerhouse hai antioxidants ka which fight free-radicals. And help karta hai aapke cells ko healthy aur diseases se dur rahkne mein.

Moreover yeh herb apki body mein toxins ko karta hai remove. Also purifies blood, fight bacteria that causes diseases. Iske sath liver disease and urinary tract infections ko karta hai combat.

Immunity Boosting Mint Honey Giloy Kadha | Tasted Recipes

How to make Giloy Kadha – Ingredients you need are –  • Black pepper • Giloy stem • Aloe Vera ( optional 2 small pieces) • Tulsi Leafs ( 4 or 5 ) • Cardamon ( Elaichi- 2 ) • Jaggery ( Gudh) • Ginger • Raw Turmeric • Cinnamon ( Dalchini) • Long cloves  • Ashwagandha

All you have to do is in sabhi ingredients ko water mein boil karein for 25- 30 minutes. And after straining it. Then it’s ready to consume. Also isse twice a week kar skate hai consume. Adding on, since covid-19 ‘s arrival iss time ye ek best way hai apni immunity ko boost karne ka.
Furthermore, doctors is herb ko use karte hai heart related conditions ke liye.

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2. Treats Chronic Fever

In addition, “Giloy helps get rid of recurrent fevers. Since yeh ek ayurvedic herb hai aur is anti-pyre-tic in nature. And yeh help krta hai reduce karne mein signs and symptoms of several life threatening conditions. Jaise Dengue, Swine Flue and Malaria as well” Says Dr. Ashutosh Gautam , Baidhyanath.

How to consume – fresh giloy juice ke consumption se hoti hai immunity boost.

3. Digestion Ko Karta Hai Improve

On the other hand, Delhi -based Nutritionist Anshul Jaibharat said – ” Giloy kafi jada beneficial hai digestion ko improve karne mein. And treating bowel related issues.”

How to use – Aap half a gram giloy powder ko kuch Amla ke sath mix karein. Also isse regularly use kare maximum results paane kr liye. And isse jaggery( guhd) ke sath bhi consume kar sakte hai for treating constipation.

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4. Anxiety Aur Stress Ko Bhi Karta Hai Reduce

Kya apko pata hai giloy ko ek adaptogenic herb ki tarah bhi ho skate hai use? Adding on, yeh reduce karta hai mental stress ke sath sath anxiety jaisi problems ko. And it helps to get rid off toxins, boots the memory, clams you down. Also yeh ek excellent health tonic hai. If hum isse others herbs ke sath karte hain combine.

5. Treats Arthritis

Moreover, ” Giloy contains anti- inflammatory and anti- arthritic properties. Jo help karti hai arthritis and iske several symptoms ko treat karne mein.

How to consume – Also joint pain ke liye Aap giloy ki stem ka powder boil karein milk ke sath. And then consume it.” If rheumatoid arthritis ke liye aap isse ginger ke sath kar sakte hai consume. Boil karein giloy stem powder ko ginger ke sath for consumption.

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6. Giloy Signs Of Aging Ko Karta Hai Reduce

In addition, yeh plant contain karta hai anti- aging properties. Jo help karti hai dark circles spots, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles ko reduce karne mein. It gives you that flawless aur glowing skin jo aap hamesha se chahte hai.

How to use – Aap isse boil karke in water bhi kar sakte hai consume. Also giloy powder ko apply karne se various skin problems hoti hai treat. As yeh remove karta hai toxins from the body.

7. Improves Vision

Mostly India ke several parts mein giloy plant ko eyes mein kiya jata hai apply. Because yeh contain karta hai lutein. Jo help karta hai vision clarity ko boost karne mein.

How to apply – aapko boil karna hai giloy powder ko in water. Aur usse cool down karne ke baad apply over your eyelids.

8. Asthmatic Symptoms Se Karta Hai Fight

Moving on, asthma cause karta hai chest tightness, shortness in breath, coughing, wheezing etc. Problems mein jo isse kafi difficult bana deta hai treat such conditions.

‘Giloy Ayurvedic Herb’ Ke Incredible Benefits Kya Hai?

Also how to consume – ” Chewing Giloy root or isske juice ko consume karne se asthma patients ko karta hai help. And is often recommended by experts.” Adds Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Fortis Hospital.

9. Respiratory Problems Se Karta Hai Fight

Furthermore, Dr. Ashutosh adds – ” Giloy is popularly known for its anti- inflammatory benefits. And yeh help karte hein respiratory problems like frequent cough, cold, tonsils ko reduce karne mein.”

And how to use – Aap giloy stem ko water mein boil karke ya phir iske capsule kar sakte hai consume.

10. Blood Sugar Levels / Diabetes Ko Krta Hai Treat

According to Dr. Manoj K Ahuja, Fortis Hospital – ” Giloy act karta hai as a Hypoglycemic agent ki tarha. And helps treat diabetes ( particularly type 2 Diabetes) .”

Giloy for diabetics: How it helps manage blood sugar - TrueScoop

Further, How to consume – Giloy juice ko consume karne se . High Blood Sugar Levels ko reduce kiya ja skta hai and works wonders.

In Conclusion

Lastly iss herb ke koi serious side effects nahi hai. Since yeh ek natural and safe herbal remedy hai. However, in some cases – Giloy ke use se lower blood sugar levels bhi ho skte hai. So if you are diabetic and aap giloy consume kar rahe long – terms se. Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly. Also iss herb ko avoid karein if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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