‘Dark Circles’ Ko Karna Hai Naturally Heal? Check Here

Reduce karein dark circles and under eye bags ko jo aapne accumulate kiye hai form years having fun. So dark circles or under eye bags dono hi kafi common problems hai. Jo eventually sabhi ko face karni padhti hai. Also we know we have to wake up early, but phir only one more episode on Netflix. But dark circles or under eye bags ko natural tips and tricks ke sath kiya ja sakta hai treat. Here’s how – 7 natural ways to get rid off Dark circles and Under Eye Bags.

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1. Slice Your Veggies

Adding on, aap sabhi ne television and films mein dekha hoga that cucumbers ko as cold compress use kiya jata hai. So do they really work?
Also cucumbers mein hoti hai skin-lightening and mild astringent properties. So aap cucumbers ko kar sakte hai use apni racoon eyes ko naturally fix karne mein.

'Dark Circles' Ko Karna Hai Naturally Heal? Slice your veggies.

And to try this method – Isse twice a day use karein. Cucumber ki slices ko cut karein and phir fo 30 minutes refrigerate karein. Next 10 mins ke liye apply and chill. After applying apne eyes ko warm water ( not hot) se wash karein.

2. Rose Water Wonders

Further, rose water doesn’t just smell fantastic. Also yeh help karta hai apki skin ko smooth and rejuvenate tired skin. And cucumber ki tarah, isme hote hai mild astringent. So yeh ek skin toner ki tarah bhi karta hai work.

'Dark Circles' Ko Karna Hai Naturally Heal? lagaye rose water.

And isse method ko use karne ke liye – two cotton balls ko soak karein in rose water. For few minutes. And then isse apni eyelids par place karein for about 15 mins tak twice daily.

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3. Cold compress

Moreover, morning ya evening mein apply karein cold compress. Yeh apki eyes ko fresh karne mein bhi karta hai help.
And iss method ke liye – if apke pass face mask hai toh aap usse fridge mein store karein. And pull out twice a day. Isse 10 mins tak apply karein. And make sure mask ko clean rahkey.

4. Cold Tea Bags 

Furthermore, agar apke pass cold compress apply karne ke liye mask nahi hai. So you can substitute it with tea bags. And many tea bags jaise green tea mein hote hai additional benefits of antioxidants. Also inme hoti hai anti-inflammatory properties jo help karti apki under eye areas ki strained capillaries ko soothe karne mein.

'Dark Circles' Ko Karna Hai Naturally Heal?Use tea bags.

And iss method ke liye – two tea bags ko clean water mein soak karein. And phir place it in refrigerator mein about 30 minutes. After this 10 minutes tak apply karein in tea bags ko over your eyes. Yeh method twice daily before and rising apni eyes ko warm water se karein wash.

5. Cold Milk

Adding on, dairy products like milk mein hote great source of Vitamin A . Jo contain karta hai Retinoids that are great for keeping skin looking bright and young.
And iske benefits gain karne ke liye – 2 cotton ball ya pads ko soak karein milk mein for a while. Then cotton balls ko use karein under eyes par milk apply karne ke liye. And let it sit for 10 mins. Is method ko twice daily karein and after risen with warm water.

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6. Coconut Oil 

Moreover, yeh ek powerful and gentle anti-inflammatory natural thing hai. Coconut oil ek effective method hai jo dark circles ko light karne mein karta hai help.
Also yeh moisturize ke sath sath yeh wrinkles ko bhi lighten karne mein karta hai help. And isse use karein as a Vitamin E – oil.Rub it under your eye area. And isse leave karein overnight. Aur morning mein risen off it.

7. Eat More Salmon And Dark Chocolate

In addition, omega3’s jaise source humne salmon and walnuts jaise food mein milte hai. And yeh fatty acids improve karte hai blood flow to skin. Also yeh blood ko apke under eye areas mein pool karne se karta hai prevent. By moving blood out and away from your eyes.

Adding on, here’s your excuse to indulge. Dark chocolate ek rich Flavonat food hai. And yeh protect karta hai harmful effects UV radiation ke. So yeh ek delightful fact hai. Also after hearing for so long that chocolate is bad for our skin!

'Dark Circles' Ko Karna Hai Naturally Heal?  Eat More Salmon And Dark Chocolate

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