Tired & Dry Eyes Ko Kaise Kare Naturally Refresh?

Although eye drops and other medicines are readily available. Lekin there are also many natural ways jisne aap apni tired & dry eyes ko kar sakte hai refresh. Further, eye strain jaisi problems aaj ek common thing hai. Because book reading, computer screen aur electronic devices ke use se eyes mein tiredness, dryness , eye irritation jaisi problems create hojati ha. Also tired & dry eyes leads to headache further.

So here hum ake liye laye hein 7 natural ways jinse aap apni tired & dry eyes ko kar sakte hai refresh and relax.

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1. A Warm Compress

Before you wonder that a warm compress kya kar sakta hai for your tired& dry eyes. Toh here it is – warm compress over the eye area mein open karta hai clogged ducts ko . And ye encourage karta hai glands ko to produce more tears. All you have to do is ek warm towel ko directly apni closed eyelids par place kare. And hold in place for 10 mins. Adding on, isse twice a day repeat kare for better results.

Tired & Dry Eyes Ko Kaise Kare Refresh Naturally - Rv Talks Media

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2 . Change Your Diet / Eat Well

Moving on, what you eat vo directly apki rest of the body ko karta hai impact. Especially your eyes. To keep dryness at bay, food items jo omega-3 fatty acid mein rich ho unhe apni diet mein kare add. Such food includes – chia seed, salmon and tuna, walnuts and eggs. Yeh humari body mein inflammation ko karte hai reduce aur help karte hai tears production in the ducts.

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3. Slice Your Veggies

In addition, agar aap rested feel karne ke baad bhi apni eyes mein tiredness feel karte hai toh. Head towards the veggies for relief. Jaise reach for cucumber iske thin slice cut kare . Then lie down and in slices ko apni closed eyelids par place kare. Phir 10-15 min relax kare. Moreover, iski natural astringency and coolness humari eyes ke around ke puffiness or swelling se relieve deta hai.

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And, dark circles ki problem ke liye. Potato is a good solution. Slice it thin and in slices ko thodi der chill kare in cold water. Then apply for 10-15 minutes.

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4. Switch Off Kare Heavy Lights

Adding on, continuously electronic devices ki screen ko stare karne se bhi eyes mein dryness and tiredness jaisi or bhi problems ho sakti hai. Prevent this from happening by taking a break apne mobile phones, computers jaisi or screens se for a few minutes. Also har ek hour ke baad esa kare so that eye strain or excessively dryness ko avoid kiya ja sake.

5. Cold Water Ko Kare Splash And Blink Exercise

Moreover, twice daily apni eyes ko cold water se kare splash . Aur isse apni habit banae as it helps to refresh and ye itchy, dry feeling jaisi problems reduce karta hai.

8 Home Remedies For Relieving Tired Eyes | TallyPress

In addition, add a blinking exercise to your routine. Apni eyes ko two counts tak close rahke. And open karke try to blink slowly. Yeh eyeball surface ko lubricate karne mein help karta hai . Also remove any irritants.

6. Eye Drops

Moving on, agar aap natural tears produce nahi kar paa rahe hai. So you can try lubricating eye drops under the care of doctor. Yeh formula natural tears produce karna. And will keep the eyes wet and healthy ke close hai.

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7. Natural Rose Water 

Furthermore, natural rose water mein hote hai anti- inflammatory and anti- infective effects. Or ye ek effective remedy hai various eye conditions ke liye.

Tired & Dry Eyes Ko Kaise Kare Refresh Naturally - Rv Talks Media

Adding on, to use rose water, ek eyedropper se few ross water drops ko apni eyes mein daale. Also aap apni eyelids ko soaked cotton of ross water se bhi dab kar sakte hai. Yeh swelling, puffiness aur irritation jaisi problems ko dur karta hai. Or makes your eyes look Fresh. And agar aap unsure hai that if rose water is safe for you toh aap apne concerned eye doctor se sure kare before using it.

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