Missing Travelling? These Books Will Take You Places.

Missing Travelling ? Right. Is pandemic situation mai ye bhaut obvious hai ki aap travel karna chahte hai but due to the present situation. Yeh possible nahi hai. Also is situation ki vajah se bhaut logo ke planned trips bhi cancel hue hain. But don’t worry is lockdown ke dauran bhi aap ghar baithe different places ko explore kar sakte hai. By reading books.
Here are some books suggestions jinko aap read kar sakte when you miss travelling. Yeh books different countries, unke cultures and alag alag places ko explore karti hain. Jisse aap ghar baithe travel ki cravings ko overcome kar sakte hain.

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1. Darius the great is not okay by Abid Khorram.

Missing Travelling these  books are must read
Missing Travelling Then you must read these books.

Yeh story likhi gayi hai by the morris award winner adib khorram. Iss book me writer ne mental health issues ko represent karte huye. Ek beautiful friendship ki story likhi hai. In this book story unfold hoti hai. When the main character apne home land aata hai. To care for his sick father. Yeh book explore karti hai. Ancient and beautiful Iran and waha aur waha ke logon ke culture ko.

2. Love you so mochi by Sarah Kuhn.

Travelling miss kar rahe hai then read these books

Iss book ke through writer Sarah kuhn ne Japan ke fashion, culture, etc ko show kiya hai. Story tab explore hoti hai. Jab the main character move karti hai to kyoto . And discovers an unexpected turn in her life.

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3. The summer of us by Cecilia vinesse

Summer of us

Iss book ka backdrop beautiful cities prague aur Paris me set hai. In which three friends ek train trip pe discover karte hai . Bhaut saare confessions, betrayal etc. Before they part.

4. Love boat by Taipei  by Abigail Hing Wen

Love boat by Taipei will give you experience of travel

Agar Summer in Taiwan sunke apko ek ideal vacation ka khayal ata hai toh. Yeh book apko zaroor read karni chahiye. Yeh book ek ladki ke bare mai hai whose parents send her to its capital to study Mandarian.
Then vo vaha kya kya discover karti hai , is book mai btaya gaya hai. With a lot more fun and drama.

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5. Salty, Bitter, Sweet by Mayra Cuevas

Missing Travelling post lockdown. These books are must read for you

Hungry for delicious food and travel? 
Then ye book apke liye best hai. Yeh book ek ladki par hai jiska naam Isabella hai
who’s in for the experience of a lifetime.
Jab vo apne father and stepmother ke sath movein karti hai in Lyon, France. And ek famous chef ki apprentice ban jati hai .
And yes, there is a sweet and spicy romance, too!
Yeh book apko zaroor read krni chaiye.

6. Forward me back to you by Mitali Perkins

Missing Travelling in books se ki jiye experience of traveling.

Ye book do log Robin and Kat ke bare mai hai jo struggle kar rahe hai with life currently.
But then their life get put into perspective jab vo ek dusre se milte hai ek service trip par to Kolkata.
Is book mai unki poori journey dikhayi gayi hai beautifully.
Jese vo time spend karte hai ek sath unki bonding achi hoti hai and dono naye logo se milte hai through their service.
They manage to find some healing in the life-changing friendship that forms between them.
Overall ye book ek Must Read hai.

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7. Wildlife by Fiona Wood

Missing Travelling these books will take you places.

Is book mai ek group of teens ki journey dikhayi hai. Jab vo sign up karte hai for a term at an outdoor education camp in the Australian wilderness.
Isme kayi themes explore ki gayi hai jese dealing with old friendships, new romances, lingering grief, and more. Isily ye book apko bhaut hi acha experience degi. Also yeh ek must read hai.


Since post lockdown Travelling pe almost ban sa lag chuka hai. Is dauran jo log Travelling karna kaafi pasand karte hain. Are Missing Travelling. But yeh books apko help kar sakti hain When you are Missing Travelling. As in books mai bhaut hi beautifully alag alag countries, unke cultures, aur bhi kayi chizo ko explore kiya gaya hai. Which is fun to read. Additionally books ko read kar ke apki travel cravings bhi control ho sakti hain.

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