Zyada Salty Diet Hosakti Hai Harmful?

Zyada Salty Diet humari body ke liye harmful hosakti hai. Salt bana hota hai 40% sodium aur 60% chloride se. Yeh commonly food ko flavor dene ke liye use kiya jata hai. Ya preserve karne ke liye.
Sodium aisa mineral hai jo essential hai optimal muscle and nerve function ke liye. Chloride ke sath mil kar yeh help karta hai body mai proper water and mineral balance ko maintain karne mai .

Yet, despite its essential functions, too much salt consumption ke bure effects bhi hosakte hain. Short term as well as long term mai bhi.

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Zyada Salty diet Consume Krne se hosakte hai Health issues.
Zyada Salty diet Consume Krne se hosakte hai Health issues.

Is article mai discuss kiya gaya hai ki humari body par kya asar hota hai zyada salt consumption se. In a single meal or day and compares this to the long-term effects of a salt-rich diet.

Short-term Mai hone wale nuksaan.

Zyada salt consume karne ke at once, either in a single meal or over a day. Ke short term consequences hosakte hai.

Zyada salty diet ke nuksan.

Water retention

Ap bloated and puffy feel karne lagte hai more than usual.
Aisa isliye hota hai because humari kidneys sodium to water ratio maintain karna chahti hai. Jiski wajah se vo extra sodium ko compensate karne ke liye extra water bhi retain kar leti hain. And aap bloated feel krte hai.
Also Is increased water retention se apke hands and feet mai swelling bhi ane lagti hai.

Rise in blood pressure

Salt-rich meal consume karne se larger blood volume flow karta hai apki blood vessels and arteries se.
Jisse apke blood pressure mai temporary rise hosakta hai.

However some researches say ki jo log salt resistant hotey hai unke blood pressure par excess salt se koi bad effect nahi hote.

Apki salt se sensitivity bhaut sarey factors se determine hoti hai. For instance like genetics and hormones. Additionally Aging and obesity bhi isey affect karte hain.

Intense thirst

Salty meal khane se apka mouth instantly dry hojata hai.
Isilye apko zyada pyaas lagti hai because apki body Sodium to water ke ratio ko correct karna chahti hai.

Yeh extra water intake can cause you to urinate more than usual. However aap agar extra water consume na karein after a salty diet
Toh aapki body me sodium ka level safe se upar jaa sakta hai. Therefore resulting in a condition known as hypernatremia

Hypernatremia ki vajah se cells leach water into your blood,excess sodium ko dilute karne ke liye.
Agr isey untreated rehne diya jaye toh iss se bhaut saare issues ho sakte hai. For instance restlessness, breathing and sleeping difficulties, and decreased urination, confusion, seizures etc.

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Long-term Mai hone wale nuksaan.

Zyada salt consume karna over a long period of time .
Bhaut sare health issues cause kar sakta hai.

Blood Pressure ka Badhna.

As said extra salt consume karna blood pressure par affect karta hai short term me. However yeh issue long term bhi ho sakta hai if salt consumption control na kiya jaaye.
Similarly short term ki tarah iska effect salt sensitive individuals me zyada hota hai. Moreover age aur obesity se bhi fark padta hai.

blood pressure

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Stomach Cancer ka risk.

Some studies say. Ki jo log extra salt consume karte hai regularly. Zyada prone hai to the risk of stomach cancer. By causing ulcers or inflammation on the stomach lining. In comparison to people jo kam amounts of salt consume karte hain apni diet mai.

Heart Diseases ka risk.

Some studies say ki. Regular extra salt consumption , as already said blood pressure me cause kar sakta hai. Jo blood vessels aur arteries ki stiffening cause kar sakta hai. Therefore heart diseases aur premature death ka risk increase ho jata hai.

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If you have eaten too much salt!

Tab aap usko kaise kar sakte hai compensate.

less salt

Agar aap extra salt consume kar lein toh aap usey compensate kar sakte hain by
1 Drinking sufficient water.
2. Potassium rich foods khaye like Bananas,Oranges,Potatoes,etc.
3. Apne baaki meals me se salt ka amount reduce kar dein.


Zyada salty diet consume karne ke long term aur short term dono me harmful effects ho sakte hai

Lastly Zyada salty diet consume karne ke long term aur short term dono me harmful effects ho sakte hai. However inhe kam kiya ja sakta hai. By reducing your salt intake. As FDA recommend karti hai 1 teaspoon salt per day.

Moreover iske long term and short term effects salt sensitive individuals me zyada dekhne ko milte hai.

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