‘Junk Foods’ Jo Hotey Hai Good For Health!

Now vaise toh hum sabhi ka Junk Foods ke sath ek complicated sa relationship hota hai. On one hand, Junk Foods completely kafi delicious, comforting and fun to eat lagte hai. But dusri taraf Junk Foods, tired feeling and unwanted weight gain jaise aur bhi problems kartey hai create.
So today we will tell you about those junk foods jo actually mein hote hai good for your health. Let’s see

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1. Popcorn

Moving on, Popcorn sirf ek buttery delicacy ya phir best snack for movies hi nahi hota. But also yeh help karta hai to curb the evening snack craving. So yeh ek healthy evening snack ho sakta hai. If in limit of course. In addition, ek bowl vo bhi homemade popcorn hota hai kafi better. As it contains low calories and yeh hota hai high on antioxidants. So try it.

'Junk Foods' Is popcorn healthy? Nutrition, types, and weight loss

Also apko avoid karne chahiye super cheesy popcorns. And try karne chahiye sweet popcorns instead.
Some other great options of popcrons jo hote hai healthy- Buddha Bowl Himalayan, Trader Joe’s.. Aap inhe amazon se kar sakte hai purchase. Link below

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2. Dark Chocolate Brownies

Moreover, it is indeed good news especially unke liye jo kafi sweet foods ko karte hai pasand. So dark chocolate humare heart ke liye kafi beneficial hoti hai. Also it is proven and agar aap isse pair karein ek whole wheat brownie. And some nuts ke sath so yeh ban jati hai rich in fiber as well as super tasty.

'Junk Foods' 2. Healthy Dark Chocolate Brownies

Because dark chocolate mein hote hai high amount mein antioxidants. Jo humare liye healthy aur ek tasty snack ban sakte hai. Also bina kisi side effects ke jaise other junk foods karte hai cause. As isme ek decent amount of fiber and protein bhi hota hai. As well as yeh hai ek lower sugar chocolate

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3. Tortilla Chips ( Ya Phir something like that)

Meanwhile ajkal kafi jada options available hai tortilla chips mein. And inme se bhut sare hotey hai packed with nutritious ingredients. Adding on, lots of chip brands ab focus kar rahe hai high-fiber ingredients. Or high-protein bean also other good whole grains se bane chips ko manufacture karne mein. Moreover vegetables chips bhi kafi healthy snack option ho sakte hai. 

'Junk Foods' Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips — Health Starts in the Kitchen

And make hamesha vahi chip brands ko karein pick jo MSG contain nahi karta ho. Jo ek common additive hota hai chips mein. Also yeh link karta hai headaches, obesity and allergic reactions jaisi problems mein. So choose wisely!

4. Baked Snacks

In addition, snacks ki category mein latest hai baked snacks. They are better than fried chips. As yeh hotey hai oil free and usually baante hai whole wheat se. Further isme spices ka amount bhi hota hai low. Yeh sirf taste mein ache nahi hotey. But also humari body ke liye bhi hotey hai healthy.

'Junk Foods' Good For Health -Baked Snacks

In conclusion

In addition, yeh hai kuch “healthy junk foods” Jinse aap apni evening snacks craving ko kar sakte hai reduce. Also we don’t want to discourage you from eating it altogether. Bsh yeh apkp remind karne ke liye hai. That apke pass hai better options.

Furthermore, ek recent study ne kiya prove that yeh sab junk food actually mein hotey hai healthy. Because yeh contain karte hai good amount of antioxidants. And yeh infact apke heart ke liye bhi hotey hai good. But agar aap inhe limit mein karte hai consume.

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Lastly aisey aur health tips and information ke liye. And other updates ke liye subscribe karein. Rv Talks Media ke Newsletter ko. Stay healthy and Stay tuned! 

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