Coconut Oil Ek Superfood Hai? Do You Know?

Yes, coconut oil widely ek superfood ki form mein hota hai sell and market. Also isme hote hai unique combination of fatty acid. Jo humari health mein show karte hai positive effects ko. So let’s check 6 health benefits of Coconut Oil.

1. Yeh Contain Karta Hai Healthy Fatty Acids 

Adding on, isme hote hai high amount ke saturated fats. Also in fats ke humari body par alag alag effects hote hai. As compared with most other dietary fats.
The fatty acids jo coconut oil contain karta hai. Vo help karte hai apki body fat ko burn karne mein. Also vo provide karte hai quick energy apki body and Brain ko.
Moreover, humari body mein HDL ( good) cholesterol ka rate bhi karte hai increase. Jo helpful hota hai heart disease risk ko prevent or reduce karne mein.

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2. Coconut Oil Mein Hote hai Antimicrobial Effects

Moving on, isme hotey hai Lauric acid aur Fatty acids ka about 50℅ mixture. So jab humari body yeh acids digest karti hai. It forms a substance called Monolaurin. Now dono lauric acid and monolaurin help karte hai harmful pathogens. Like bacteria, viruses and fungi ko kill karne mein.

Also studies and evidence yeh bhi batati hai that. Coconut oil ko as mouthwash bhi use kiya ja sakta hai. A process called pulling – jiske benefits hote hai. Oral hygiene and yeh prevent karta hai mouth infections ko.

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3. Skin And Hair Fall Ko Karta Hai Improve

In addition, coconut oil humari skin ke liye act karta hai ek perfect moisture ki tarha. You can use it for legs, arms elbow. But yeh oil for those having oily skin unke liye recommend nahi hai.
Also yeh help karta hai cracked heels, dry skin, roughness ko repair karne mein. How to use- ek thin coating of coconut oil on your heels over night apply karein. And put on socks. Iss method ko tab tak try karein until your heels are smooth.

Moreover, yeh hair fall or damages se bhi karta hai protect. Aur rakhta hai humare hair ko healthy. According to studies, coconut oil, mineral oil and sunflower oil ko compare kiya that which one is more beneficial.
Toh only coconut oil hi significantly protein loss ko kar paya reduce from hair. When applied before or after shampooing. And yeh test both healthy and damaged hair par kiye gaye.

20 Amazing Benefits of Coconut oil for Skin, Hair and Health

And researchers yeh bhi conculed karti hai. That iske lauric acid ka unique structure – Jo main fatty acid hai oil mein. Penetrate karta hai hair shaft jo baki other fats nahi kar pate hai.
Also aap coconut oil ko aloe vera gel ke sath mix karke apply kar sakte hai hair par. Before shampooing.

4. Boost Karta Hai Brain Function in Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease ek common cause hai dementia ka. Aur ye usually older adults ko affect karti hai. Yeh conditions reduce karti hai apki Brain ability to use Glucose for energy. Also yeh humare brain ke liye . Alternate source of energy ki tarah karta hai act. 

Adding on, early studies ne suggest kiya that MCTs ( Medium – chain- triglycerides) increase karta hai Blood levels of ketones. Jo potentially Alzheimer’s ke symptoms ko provide karte hai relieve. Yet, further studies are needed.

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5. Harmful Abdominal Fat Ko Karta Hai Reduce

Furthermore, kuch fatty acids in coconut oil reduce karte hai. Appetite ko and increase karte hai fat burning. So yeh apko weight loss mein bhi karta hai help. Also abdominal fat , most harmful chronic diseases se karta hai link.

Moving on, Coconut oil calories mein kafi high hoti hai. So you should use it sparingly. And coconut oil ko instead of butter, or regular oil kuch recipes mein kiya ja sakta hai use.
Also dosage of coconut oil is method ke liye – 2 table spoon ( 30 ml) coconut oil ko intake karein. Per day jo significantly Body Mass Index aur Waist Circumference ko karega reduce.

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6. Wound Healing Ko Karta Hai Improve

According to one study, minor cuts or scrapes ya rat bite jaise wounds ko heal karne mein bhi help karta hai. Yeh inflammatory marks ko reduce kar. Collagen ka production increase karta hai, jo skin ka ek major component hai. As a result, yeh wounds jaldi heal hojatey hai.

How to use– directly wounded area par apply karein coconut oil ko. And cover karein ek bandage se.

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Lastly ese aur health tips and information ke liye. And other updates ke liye subscribe karein. Rv Talks Media ke Newsletter ko. Stay healthy and Stay tuned! 

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