How Mother And Child Both Ke Liye Breastfeeding Hai Important?

Mother and child both ke liye breastfeeding important hota hai. Moreover many medical experts too 6 month tak child ko mother’s milk hi recommend karte hai. Breast milk ek child (Infant) ke liye ideal nutrition hota hai. Because ye infants easily digest kar lete hai. Many researches iske importance ko prove karte hai.

Mother And Child
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Mother Milk Benefits

After birth 4 to 5 month tak breastfeeding important hota hai. Mother Milk se child me different type of disease ka risk kam hota hai. Severe disease like, Type 1 diabetes, Sudden Infant Death syndrome , pneumonia and respiratory infections jaise problems prevent karta hai. In addition to this coughs and colds, gastrointestinal illnesses, diarrhea, constipation, urinary tract infections se bhi bachata hai. Above all childhood cancers, Chronic disease, heart disease and liver disease ke chance ko kam karta hai.

Breastfeeding not only child ke liye beneficial hai but also mother ke liye important hai. Firstly baby birth ke baad mother ko severe post partum bleeding se bachata hai. Pre pregnancy weight me wapas aane me help karta hai by burning 500 extra calories. Furthermore mother ka bone bhi strong hota hai. Most importantly mother and child bond ko strong karne me help karta hai.

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Breastfeeding Ke Time What To Eat And Avoid

Child ko Breastfeeding karate time kai food precaution specially dekhna padta hai. Mother ko healthy rahne ke liye food diet follow karna jaruri hota hai. Food like, Pulses and Legumes, Green Vegetables, seeds, turmeric, nuts, etc healthy rahne me help karte hai. And also milk ka production balance rakhta hai. Kuch food items ko Breastfeeding ke time avoid karna hota hai. Tea and Coffee, Chocolates, Garlic, Fish, Alcohol, etc ko avoid karna acha hota hai.

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Breastfeeding Facts

  1. Breast milk ko child ke liye sabse healthy and safe food mana gya hai. Isse mother ke 500-600 calories per day burn hote hai. therefore ye weight maintain karne me help karta hai.
  2. Above all ye anti bodies contain karta hai jo child ko infection se bachata hai.
  3. Breast milk ka taste and smell depend karta hai mother ke food pr.
  4. During feeding brain se oxytocin release hota hai jo mother and baby me bond strong karta hai. Premature babies ke brain development me bhi help karta hai.
  5. Breast milk me serotonin hota hai jo babies ko good sleep me help karta hai. Mother milk hi child ke growth me important role play karta hai.

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